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Headphoniaks is an online and retail store distributor, which specializes in headphones and portable audio. We select just brands that have obtained the best reviews, try their products, then, if we like them and we can make a deal, we include them in our catalog.

We are the official distributor in Spain of brands such as iBasso Audio, Vsonic, FLC Technology, Future Sonics, JDS Labs, Takstar, Pendulumic or Matrix-Audio. We are also authorized re-sellers of Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Audeze, Grado, Audio-Technica, Bowers & Wilkins, Pioneer, Dunu, FiiO, RHA Audio, Violectric and many others.


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Our core business is to sell headphones, audio players and amplifiers, however what we are good at and, therefore, we spend most of our time, is introducing new brands and promoting them. We create audiovisual content, publish reviews, make product’s tours among fans, attend audio events, fairs…

Summarizing, we are dedicated to generate content, give brand visibility and open new communication channels with audio fans.


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We will not convince anyone to buy a bad product, but we can get many people to get to know a good one, same we have done with many brands that we already distribute.

If you collaborate with us we can certaintly boost your brand and products across all our media channels: through great quality content (text, photos, videos …) and you would also benefit of our SEO and social networking strategy.

Our mission is to generate interest and desire in your brand among HIFI lovers.


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Thanks to our SEO strategy and outstanding content we create, we appear first on the search results in Spain and Latin America  (spanish) for popular searches like “review auriculares”, “review reproductoranálisis reproductor audio o calidad sonido iphone among many other. Besides, our reviews always appear first on the search results: iBasso DX90, FLC8SFIIO X3IIFidelio S2VsonicJDS Labs, etc.

Our goal is to become the best BLOG about headphones in Spanish language and one of the best in the world. We are currently translating into English our most popular publications, this is because, apart from receiving visits from Spain and South America, we also receive many visits and we are recommended on Head-fi and forums in Russia, Germany and France. Currently our technical reviews from players and amplifiers are unique on the Internet and a reference for fans around the world.

Visits to our blog and social networks exceed 3000 daily visits.


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Despite being an online store, we have a Showroom where customers can come and test the products they want. We have products we do not even sell in our store, but if we like them, we want our customers to have the opportunity to try them also. In addition to being a store, we intend to be the audio reference for headphone lovers in Spain.

After doing the review of your product, this will be kept in our showroom. We maintain an updated list of what we have available and we guarantee that while the product is on the market anyone who come to our showroom can test it.


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We are very active in social networks, sponsoring two major forums of portable audio in Spain, Auriculares-hifi and ReproductorMP3, which we support with raffles, tours, loans and attendance to its events.

We currently have over 1,700 fans on Facebook and 1400 followers on Twitter, along with a mailing list of over 3000 subscribers and nearly 60% open rate. We have recently started using Instagram quite successfully and we continue to expand into new social networks like Youtube.


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We work with a large number of reviewers to whom we lend products and publish their reviews on many of the forums we sponsor, as reproductormp3.net, auriculares-hifi.com. We also lend products to other many reviewers who post, among others, on head-fi.comforocoches.commediavida.comforodvd.com. etc. We also supply products to other blogs and magazines so they can write their own reviews.

Anything that helps to raise awareness of the brands we collaborate with and can help increasing awareness on portable HIFI seems a good idea.

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Una foto publicada por Headphoniaks (@headphoniaks) el

Una foto publicada por Headphoniaks (@headphoniaks) el

Una foto publicada por Headphoniaks (@headphoniaks) el

Una foto publicada por Headphoniaks (@headphoniaks) el

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“Very serious and professional company which spends lots of efforts in marketing and promoting our products.”

Cyrus Lui. IBasso Audio Co-founder.

“As our 2 years partner in Spain, we are satisfied with their work on marketing and products promoting activities, which is very helpful on our brand expanding.”

Vivian Wu. Dunu International Business Development Manager.

“Headphoniaks successfully introduced our brand in Spain from the ground up. They know exactly how to market our products, get to the right audience and engange with customers.”

Luna Yuan. VSonic CCO.

“Headphoniaks is our exclusive distributor in Spain for many reasons, the most important being the way they maintain a deep understanding for our brand, our products, and our customers.”

Jude Hopper. JDS Labs CCO.

“Headpphoniaks has worked with Takstar promoting and selling Takstar Headphones for the past 2 years. It is a very serious company which spends lots of efforts in marketing and promoting our products. We are looking forwartd to a more prosperous and successful cooperation with them.”

Diya Ma. International Sales Manager.

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