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Ever since they invented the first SP/3 stereophone, Koss Stereophones have been bringing back the excitement of a live performance. Music lovers around the world recognize that dedication to accuracy in sound reproduction as The Sound of Koss.
Popular products: Koss Porta Pro KTC, ProDJ200, Koss KS75, Koss KSC75 and the latest KOss UR23i, Koss KSC32i and Koss KEB25i.
Koss, the Original American Stereophone Company, was founded in 1958. John C. Koss teamed up with engineer Martin Lange, Jr. to develop a portable stereo phonograph player with side-wing speakers. The pair demonstrated their new stereo record player at a Wisconsin audio show. One of the product's unique features was a privacy switch, which allowed listeners to hear music by plugging in the world's first SP/3 stereophone. The stereophones were intended to be an accessory to demonstrate the high-fidelity stereo sound that the portable phonograph player delivered.
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  • Clip the Koss KSC75 headphones comfortably over your ear and let yourself be amazed by the great sound of these high fidelity clip headphones. The ideal active headphones for music lovers living an active lifestyle.

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  • Koss Sporta Pro Headphones. The Koss Sporta Pro are the perfect headphones for an active listener who needs to move from the living room to boardroom to locker room without missing a beat. Combining the sound reproduction of the Koss Porta Pro with a unique design that allows over-the-head or behind-the-head wearing, the Sporta Pro won’t interfere with...

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