About us

We are Rubén, telecoms engineer, and Jose, creative and designer. But those are our daytime identities. We are actually mad audio & electronics geeks.


Sadly for our relatives, friends, significant others and pets, it’s true. We test whatever falls in our hands, attend fairs, participate forums and argue beyond the mentally healthy in order to decide whether we sell a product or not. This “headphoniaks” thing is -and I’m not sure whether it’s good to admit it- quite literal.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]WHAT’S OUR SHOP LIKE?

Headphoniaks is expert and honest. But as everybody states that, here are some examples:

We are experts:

– We rarely work with full ranges. Out of every manufacturer, we pick only what, after touching, testing, reading, asking and analyzing, convinces us as though we were buying it for our own private use. We’d rather renounce to bigger discounts than having in stock products that we can’t recommend, or even worse, need to recommend without actually believing in them.

– We know the market well enough to assess you with expert judgement. A perfect earphone is still to come, but we will find the one that fits you preferences and budget better. Even if what’s better for you or what you decide to buy isn’t available in our shop nor can we get it within a reasonable term, we will advice you anyway. You can buy from us next time.

– Our BLOG is a world reference among audiophiles due to our product analysis and measurements.
We are honest:

– Our prices are quite reasonable, but you will surely find the same stuff 5€ cheaper in some obscure online shop at the other side of the world. When you pay duties, taxes and grant 2-year guarantee under EU legal terms, it’s difficult to sell at the same price as those who don’t.

– We focus on customer service: you receive you order within one or two days instead of two or three weeks, you get quickly assisted in Spanish or English, we spare you customs issues and in case of breakdown or malfunction it won’t take 2 months for you to have your gadget back or paying more for the shipping than you would for a new one. That said, we are realistic and if it’s impossible for us to offer a competitive price while providing a proper service, we don’t sell the product. We wouldn’t pay an extra 30% for customer service either, even if it came from people as nice and awesome as us.

Our shop is decimal-free. We don’t like periods and decimals, they spoil the design.

11.99€ -> 12€ // 64.49€ -> 64€.

Let’s assume it, no one gets ruined for 1 nor 50 cents, so we renounce “mental hacking”.

We favour quality, both in sound and in construction, at a reasonable price. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap or expensive; this means that we recommend the most competitive products that market offers for what you are ready to pay. In addition, we encourage you to check it by yourself in forums, magazines, blogs, etc. Some of these links can even be found in our products’ section.

– From time to time, trouble arises. Misguided carriers, distributors who won’t answer the phone, stockouts… these things happen. In these cases we face the music, get quickly in touch with you and seek the best solution. If unfortunately the solution isn’t convenient – i.e. longer-term delivery- we will let you know and offer you alternatives. We won’t lie to you, or beat around the bushes saying yes but no.

– All our shipments are sent via urgent courier service. This adds a certain extra charge compared to other delivery options, but it’s widely justified for its reliability, punctuality and the safety it offers for both you and us.

To sum up, this shop is the real thing. Close and accessible, we sell only stuff we believe in, at a good price and with the freedom to speak clearly and assess you in the most objective way possible.
We simply try to be the shop we’d like to buy in.