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  • Closed-back circumaural headphones Takstar HD5800. Very precise headphone with good timbre and balance. Based on the solid foundation of PRO80, has a closed design and significantly enhanced construction quality, achieving good insulation and increased bass level without excessively diminishing scene or detail.

    70,00 EUR
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  • In-ear dynamic wooden headphones Takstar HI1200. This earphones feature wooden structure with superior acoustic characteristics for pure and natural sound reproduction

    34,00 EUR
  • New

    Takstar ML750. Portable closed-back headphones. The new Takstar's headphones will surprise you for its amazing sound, light weight, which provides a very good comfort, and finishes that you will not find in headphones in this price range.

    0,00 EUR
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  • Takstar PCM-1200 Microphone. This Takstar microphone is the perfect combination for your gaming headset. With high sensitivity and clear sound quality.

    29,00 EUR
  • New

    Takstar PRO82. Circumaural closed-back headphones. The successor of the flagship Takstar PRO80 comes to the market with an improved design, branded house sound and 3 bass levels so you can adjust it according to the style of music you are listening to.

  • Microphone Takstar TCM-370. With High-quality and sensitivity. Specially designed for voice, has a very natural sound and perfect clarity in your conversations. Perfect for video conferencing and online gaming. Other applications: Video production, performance, broadcasting, instrument recording.

    10,00 EUR
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items