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QED offers a range of connectivity products spanning from both consumer and installation cables, wireless products and switching devices to satisfy every audio visual need.
QED is an award winning British company with over 40 years of experience in the audio-visual connectivity industry.  In 1973 Bob Abraham and Ian Vine founded QED Audio Products and changed the way people think about hi-fi cables. By the time QED 79 strand speaker cable was launched in 1978, it wasn’t looked upon as ‘just another speaker cable’ but was instead regarded as a serious hi-fi component, making a fundamental change in the way people thought about cables. 
Their reputation for innovation and technical excellence is known throughout the world. The latest computer-aided design techniques allow their research and development team to keep pace with technological advances and deliver products that achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. This is why QED products are recommended by so many of the world’s leading hi-fi and home theatre equipment manufacturers.

QED is Europe's number one award winning connectivity brand and has won more prestigious cable awards from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision’ magazine than any other brand (Awards 1981–2013).

QED- The Sound Of Science
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  • QED Performance J2J. Analogue audio cable stereo jack 3,5mm. to stereo jack 3,5mm. A high performance compact and flexible stereo jack to jack cable to connect your mp3 player, personal cd player, pc or any device with 3.5mm stereo jack output to an auxiliary line input.

    19,00 EUR
  • QED Performance J2J. Analogue audio cable stereo jack 3,5mm. to stereo jack 3,5mm, utilises design concepts from the high end Reference range to optimise audio performance when connecting your mobile device, tablet, PC or MAC to your amplifier or any device with a 3.5mm stereo jack input.

    37,00 EUR
  • QED Profile J2J. Analogue audio cable jack to phono. The award winning profile cordage delivers amazing sound quality combines with high flexibility for use with today's slimline audio and visual equipment and mobile devices.

    24,00 EUR
  • QED Profile Precision, 2 RCA to 2 RCA Audio Cable, has been designed to connect and transfer digital video and digital audio signals between CD Player or other Audio component to the following components: Amplifier or receiver.

    30,00 EUR
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items