AKG K872 Closed-back circumaural headphones
AKG K872
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AKG K872


AKG K872. Master reference closed-back headphones. The new benchmark for performance, unprecedented accuracy for studio production and live sound engineering. The culmination of almost 70 years of expertise, provide unprecedented accuracy and comfort in production and live sound engineering environments.

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AKG K872 closed-back circumaural headphones feature custom 53mm drivers with 1.5 Tesla magnet systems deliver exceptional headroom for precise imaging, deep low frequencies and extended dynamic range.  The optimized closed-back design ensures excellent isolation during tracking, mixing and mastering sessions.


The open-mesh headband and 3D-shaped slow-retention foam earcups create a personalized fit for remarkable comfort during long sessions. Created with meticulous attention to every design element and component, the AKG K872 is the new benchmark for headphone performance.


Superior reference sound
AKG AKG K872  headphones deliver exceptional accuracy and durability to meet the most demanding professional standards. All components are meticulously crafted and work in concert to deliver superior performance and an impressive listening experience. AKG engineered the drivers using large 53mm transducers and powerful 1.5 Tesla magnet systems to ensure greatest-in-class headroom and accurate imaging.

The two-layer, copper-covered aluminum voice coil works with the special magnet design to deliver high sensitivity, superior impulse response, and an extended frequency range of 5Hz–54kHz. AKG K872 headphones are extremely versatile, and perform with finesse across a wide range of musical styles and sound sources.


Precision accuracy and performance
When designing AKG K872, they challenged themselves to create the highest-quality, most accurate reference headphones ever built. You can depend on the AKG K872 to reveal all the detail in a broad range of program material and today’s high-resolution formats. Whether you are recording, mixing, mastering or creating a soundtrack, AKG K872 sets a new benchmark for performance.


Optimized closed-back design
The newly designed, closed-back ear cups provide optimal isolation from external sound in critical monitoring applications. Want to record a magical performance? Worn by your recording performer, AKG K872 headphones delivers a most inspiring listening experience while ensuring sensitive microphones and your recorded tracks will be free of headphone “leakage.”


Remarkable comfort
Over 50 years ago, AKG invented the self-adjusting headband, which quickly became a headphone industry standard. AKG K872 headphone combines the comfort of our legendary lightweight self-adjusting headband with a new quick-lock mechanism that maintains the right shape for your head, so there’s no need to readjust every time you use the headphones. 3D-shaped slow-retention ear cups provide an exceptional personalized fit and comfort.


Long-lasting durability
Every rugged component of the AKG K872 is stress-tested by their engineers to ensure premium AKG performance wherever you go. All the mechanically critical parts are made of metal—from the precision cardan hinge to the headband. Details such as the trim ring around the ear cup serve to provide a superior seal for the speaker plate. The AKG K872 is an industry-leading reference headphone that’s built to last.


Modern mobility
Supporting today’s mobile laptop production work flow, the AKG K872 master reference headphones are your portable mixing, mastering and monitoring reference on the go. The K872 includes a low-profile carrying case that doubles as a stand—so your master reference headphones are protected during travel. And the slim yet durable cable with precision LEMO® connector is easily detached for added transportability.



Optimized closed-back design with 53mm transducers for greatest-in-class headroom and dynamic range.

1.5 Tesla magnet system for exceptionally accurate imaging and authoritative low-frequency performance.

Two-layer voice coil for superior extended 5 Hz – 54 kHz frequency range.

Open-mesh headband for remarkable comfort and light weight.

3D-shaped slow-retention ear pads for personalized fit.

Sound-sealing pad profile for excellent isolation.

Slim, durable, removable cable with precision LEMO connector.

Robust design incorporating precision metal parts.

Demanding test regimen ensures reliable operation in the studio and on the road.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg


Headphone type: Closed-back

Max. Input Power: 300 mW

Audio frequency bandwidth: 5 to 54000 Hz

Sensitivity headphones: 112 dB SPL/V

Rated Impedance: 36 Ohms

Detachable cable: yes

Cable Length: 3 m

Earpads Replaceable: yes

Foldable: no


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