Audio Pro Addon SUB RCA and LFE subwoofer
Audio Pro Addon SUB

Audio Pro Addon SUB

Audio Pro Addon SUB. RCA and LFE subwoofer. The heart of the film. The soul of the music. Addon Sub adds another dimension to all music and movies. The powerful and fundamental bass creates a physical experience not only inside your ear, but inside your body, and gives you an added dimension to the listening experience. It makes you truly feel what you are listening to.

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Music should be felt, not just heard. Audio Pro’s engineers have optimized the acoustic design to render stunning dynamics, deep bass and acoustic pressure in abundance. Power at the tip of your fingertips, so be nice with the Audio Pro Addon SUB.


Bass in Audio Pro’s blood
Audio Pro focus since the beginning in 1978 has been better bass from small enclosures. The Audio Pro Addon SUB is no exception.


No nonsense design
Audio Pro Addon SUB follows Audio Pro’s design ideals with a purist and simple approach. The downfiring woofer makes this power cube subtle, yet outstanding.


Control the power
Power is nothing without control. The Audio Pro Addon SUB has variable crossover and you can shift phase for easier placement and adjustment to your room.

Additional information


Black, White


Amplifiers & drivers

Bassreflex subwoofer with DSP

Digital Class D amplifier 150W

8” long throw woofer



Range: 35 – 130Hz

Variable crossover: 50-150Hz

Phase: 0-180 degrees






HxWxD: 275 x 295 x 295 mm


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