Audiofly AF100

Audiofly AF100. Dynamic in-ear monitors. An everyday hero, some say a magician, the Audiofly AF100 is capable of producing a stunning performance grade soundstage using a single full range microdriver. This punchy lightweight bears the mark of greatness to assist you in conquering your musical journey.

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Audiofly AF100 dynamic in-ear monitor is a lesson in packing a great sound into a value package. With a beautifully voiced single dynamic driver, this IEM may be no frills but bears the mark of greatness to assist you in conquering your musical journey.


Single Dynamic Micro Driver
Dynamic drivers make the world of audio go round; they’re the most common form of speaker driver technology in use today.


Noise Isolating
Three sizes of dome silicon tips, triflange silicon tips, and Comply Premium Earphone tips are included, while the mouldable over-ear cable will follow the contours of your ears.


Storage Wallet
Sturdy EVA case for protection of your IEMs, with ample storage for spare ear tips and accessories.


Ideal for:
All musicians seeking a neutral sound with detail
Audio enthusiasts
DAC and DAP users


Single full range Microdriver
Fluid shape for long listening comfort
High quality TPE cable
Molded Audiofly protective case

Additional information



Included accessories

Airline adaptor
Signal-splitter (enabling a second set of headphones to share the music)
Cleaning tool


Driver type: Single Dynamic Microdriver
Frequency range: 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 108dB at 1kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Cable length: 1.6m / 64″
Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated, right angle format


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