Audiofly AF160

Audiofly AF160. Hybrid triple driver in-ear monitor. Like assembling flat pack furniture or cultivating a decent beard, we know some things need serious attention to detail. Audiofly’s gone next level on the AF160 earphone model. Three balanced armature drivers will scour the frequency spectrum for every speck of detail, and deliver a spatial separation that’ll have you wondering if you’d ever truly used your ears before.

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The Audiofly AF160 in-ear monitor has an advanced hybrid mini speaker configuration. Engaging and detailed sound comes together with seriously tough construction to make an earphone even Rock Stars are crazy about using. The three balanced armature drivers deliver incredible clarity: Two large and one small with a crossover in each ear for seamless collaboration. Whether you’re a musician performing on stage or an audiophile who demands the very best sound, Audiofly IEMs are serious sonic companions.


Built for the Road
Not only is the Audiofly AF160 earphone full of multi driver audio technology but the engineers at Audiofly have made every effort to ensure a tough construction, built to withstand the rigours of touring with a musician. Fitted out with small ergonomic bodies, a malleable cable attachment for over ears wearing and an Audioflex SL cable built for the stage. This unique super light twisted replaceable cable is then reinforced with a tough CORDURA fabric covering for its remainder.


Audiofly have given the Audiofly AF160 IEM a clean sound with excellent articulation and sound stage. Very clear and natural bass delivery is produced by the two larger micro drivers handling the bottom end. The smaller balanced armature driver produces lush mids with a smooth transition to the crisp but calm top end. Detail is the standout feature of the AF160 sound, whilst the top end never becomes fatiguing, instrument separation and movement within the stereo image are simply outstanding.


Audioflex™ SL twisted cable
Triple drivers
Audioflex™ cable reinforced with CORDURA® fiber technology
Noise isolating
Waxed canvas storage wallet

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Driver configuration: Three balanced armature drivers with crossover
Frequency range: 18-22kHz
Sensitivity: 110dB at 1 kHz
Impedance: 18 Ohms
Cable length: 1.6m / 64in
Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated, right-angle format


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