Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. Sure, you can dock your iPod or iPhone on the Zeppelin Air and hear your music with breathtaking sound. But thanks to Apple AirPlay technology, you can also stream music wirelessly from your computer, iPod, iPhone or iPad® through this high-performance powered speaker system, for super-convenient access to your music library.

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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air iPhone Dock & AirPlay Speaker

Apple’s AirPlay technology lets you wirelessly connect any Wi-Fi®-enabled device that uses iTunes® — such as your iPod touch, laptop, or iPhone — with the Zeppelin Air. AirPlay can support multiple speaker systems simultaneously, so you can have two or more Zeppelin Airs throughout your home playing music from your iTunes library.

Choose songs and playlists, select your speakers, and adjust speaker volume all from your iPod as you walk about. Or from your laptop as you relax on the couch. Imagine watching a movie on your iPad with the soundtrack booming out of the Zeppelin Air. Or playing a game on your iPhone and hearing every detail clearly. AirPlay makes it possible.

Audiophile sound quality from a single powered speaker
The Zeppelin Air looks the same on the outside as the original award-winning Zeppelin powered speaker system — that unique and unmistakable shape actually helps improve sound dispersion. But internally it’s been entirely redesigned to deliver even better sound.

Two rear ports reinforce the bass frequencies. Their dimpled contours minimize air turbulence, resulting in cleaner bass without distortion — even at maximum volume. The system consists of two aluminum dome tweeters, two midrange speakers and a woofer for the low tones. Each of these five speakers is powered by its own amplifier, ensuring accurate and responsive performance. The system’s audiophile-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) delivers every detail in your music with stunning accuracy. Advanced digital processing optimizes the incoming signal, giving you amazingly realistic sound.

Multiple connections for versatility
You can play your iPod or iPhone either docked to the Zeppelin Air or wirelessly through AirPlay, but that’s just the beginning. Use the system’s video output to connect the Zeppelin Air to a TV and enjoy videos and photos from your player as well.

An Ethernet jack lets you make a wired connection to your home network. Play music from other portable devices through the system’s stereo minijack input. And there’s an optical digital input so you can connect a high-end CD player or other component. There’s also a USB port for software updates and syncing your player.


  • Powered speaker system with 30-pin dock for iPods and iPhones
  • Apple AirPlay lets you stream music wirelessly from your iPod touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, or computer
  • Two 1″ tweeters and two 3″ midrange woofers
  • Internal 5″ subwoofer with rear-firing ports
  • 25 watts x 2 for tweeters, 25 watts x 2 for midranges, plus 50 watts for subwoofer
  • Gloss black and polished stainless steel construction
  • Minijack auxiliary input accepts both analog and optical digital connections
  • Composite output for connection to a TV
  • USB port (for firmware and syncing)
  • RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • Remote control
  • AC power cable
  • Size: 173 x 640 x 208 mm
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs.

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