Como Audio Ambiente Passive speaker for Como Audio Solo White
Como Audio Ambiente
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Como Audio Ambiente


Como Audio Ambiente. Passive speaker. It will allow you to create a stereo sound when connected to Como Audio Solo Bluetooth radio speaker.

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Stereophonic sound entails the accurate reproduction of independent left and right audio channels. In that respect, Como Audio Solo has a secret weapon, the built-in ability to reproduce stereo sound when coupled with Como Audio’s Ambiente wired speaker. Nudge Solo’s rear switch over to “ST” and connect Ambiente’s audio cable to Como Audio Solo’s Speaker output, and you are living large. From that point on, Como Audio Ambiente speaker will handle the right channel heavy lifting while Solo will dedicate itself to the left channel duties. Ambiente’s 12’ (3.6 meter) cable allows for plenty of separation between the two channels, providing a soundstage as fitting for a large orchestra as it is for an intimate Jazz trio or a soloist.


Once connected, Como Audio Ambiente doubles Como Audio Solo’s maximum output power from 30 watts in Mono to 60 watts total in Stereo, resulting in 3dB more headroom. It also provides a roughly 10Hz improvement in bass. Solo was engineered to sound great on its own, but when partnered with Ambiente, they become a dynamic duo that will give both of your ears a pleasurable workout.


Although Como Audio Ambiente requires a wired connection to Como Audio Solo, it gets all of its power from Solo’s integrated Class D digital stereo amplifier. Thus, Como Audio Ambiente does not require an external “brick” power supply or a power cord. Como Audio Ambiente’s single cable does it all.


If you plan to, or already have, made a wise investment in Como Audio Solo, you can make your investment pay off even more with the addition of Como Audio Ambiente.


*Wood is quite literally a product of nature, and as such, has its own color and grain characteristics which can vary from tree to tree, often times greatly so. It is exactly these naturally occurring variations that result in each wood cabinet being truly unique. Therefore, variation must be expected between two wood cabinets of the same veneer. The piano white finish can also vary in shade. Note: the wood veneer can darken over time, particular when exposed to sunlight.

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Black, Hickory, Walnut, White


Dimensions: 125mm H (132mm H with feet) x 240mm W x 120mm D (130 mm D including relief strain)

Gross Weight: 1.5kg

Shipping Dimensions: 177mm H x 297mm W x 228mm D


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