Dunu DN-2002



Dunu DN-2002. IEM in-ear headphones  with 2 dynamic + 2 BA, a new generation of Dunu Hybrids. 2 Dynamic + 2 balanced armature drivers driver design reaches full and natural mid low range, which is normally the shortage of traditional hybrid iems

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Dunu DN-2002 in-ear IEMs headphones with 2 Dynamic + 2 balanced armature driver driver design reaches full and natural mid low range, which is normally the shortage of traditional hybrid IEMs.


Already awarded the Hi-Res AUDIO certification, Dunu DN-2002 utilizes the dual dynamic + dual balance armature configuration. Soundstage is natural, specious and three dimensional. Bass range is enhanced and deepened by the ‘Double Bass’ dual dynamic drivers. Mid-range is full and energetic. Treble is crisp, detailed and well extended. All frequencies work in perfect sync and will go particularly well with Pop music as well as classical orchestra.


The use of common connector, it will not only allow cable replacement, but also cable upgrade. A variety of high quality accessories are also included, combining form and function that is both fun and practical that will meet every music lover individual’s need.



MMCX connector is deadlocked against turning, either guarantee the stability of earphone and convenient for user to upgrade the cable.

Cavity adopt 316 stainless steel, enhanced restrain sound vibration.Better wearing experience with ear

Hi-Res Audio, high resolution frequency response

Delicate workmanship high definition sound experience.

The use of a four core construction cable allows for greater left and right channels separation that reflects in crosstalk reduction, wider soundstage and firmer bass hit

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg


Type: Dynamic (10mm) x 2 – Balanced armature x 2

Frequency response: 10 Hz -40KHZ

Sensitivity: 106+/-2db

Impedance: 10 OHM

Plug size: 3,5mm

Cord lengt: 1,2 m

Weight: 24g


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