iBasso DX220 Max


HD digital audio player. Limited edition, only 999 units worldwide that are expected to sell out quickly. 


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The iBasso DX220 Max reference portable digital audio player integrates two SABRE ES9028PRO DAC chips and a powerful amplifier circuit to help provide clear, high-resolution audio playback while on the go.

The iBasso DX220 Max also works as a high-end USB DAC for using with your computer, it also includes an XMOS USB receiver with Thesycon USB driver, five femtosecond oscillators, two of which are Accusilicon ultra-low noise femtosecond oscillators, PCM support up to 32-bit/384 kHz and native DSD up to DSD512.

Using I2C optocouplers and isolators, the digital and analog sections of the iBasso DX220 Max HD Audio Player are isolated from each other and powered independently. The amplifier is also independently powered by its own +/- 8.4V battery to help ensure sound purity and maximum current output.

Based on the AMP8 module, the super class A amplifier circuitry eliminates the switching distortion of transistors, which works to significantly reduce heat generation. There are also a variety of film capacitors used in the DX220 Max, such as Kemet tantalum polymer, Toshin UTSJ, Panasonic, Nichicon Audio Electronic and Amtrans PET.

All this high-end audio technology is run by an eighth-core CPU with 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The iBasso DX220 MAX includes a 5″ 1080p HD touch screen and Android operating system. Following the mark of its previous music players, iBasso includes its Mango operating system as another option for music-centric operation. A new user interface has been created to provide a professional look while remaining easy to understand and use.

For apps and music storage, the DX220 MAX’s large built-in 128 GB memory can be used, which can be expanded using a microSD card.

Graphic and Parametric EQs

The iBasso DX220 Max has a 10-band graphic equalizer with 5 presets and 1 custom equalizer that you can adjust to your preferences.

MQA Support

The iBasso DX220 MAX supports MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated, which is an audio file format that is designed to capture 100% of an original studio performance. It then makes the file size small enough to play.

Wired Connectivity

The DX220 MAX has a variety of outputs and ports that can be used for optional connection to headphones, amplifiers and computers.

Key features of the iBasso DX220 Max

2 x DAC ES9028PRO chips
Supports 384 kHz/32-Bit and DSD512 audio
5.0″ 1080p HD touch screen
USB DAC with 5 femtosecond oscillators
128GB built-in memory + microSD slot
Up to 14 hours of playback
Graphic and parametric EQs + MQA support
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5.0 Bidirectional
4.4mm and 3.5mm headphone output
4.4 mm line and mini optical/coaxial output


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