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To complete its range of amplifier modules, iBasso launches the AMP9 a high-current valve module with AMP Nutube card manufactured by Korg and Noritake.


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The iBasso AMP9 amplifier module delivers a unique and attractive tube sound that provides excellent linearity.

Based on the sixth generation of Nutubes tubes, manufactured by Korg and Noritake, the iBasso AMP9 completes a voltage amplification through the Nutube tubes. Giving your iBasso audio player a distinctive, engaging sound.

In the buffer stage buffers of up to +/- 200mA linear current output is used.

This amplifier module has a high current capacity and is thus able to drive low impedance in-ear headphones and headphones. At the same time it provides a singular quality through its valves.

Advanced Circuit Design

The Nutube is powered by a high performance DC-DC chip provided by Linear Technology. The chip contains two DC-DC circuits. One of 1 volt for the cathode and another for the ultra-high voltage of the tubular anode.

The signal and housing ground are separated to avoid noise interference.

In addition, appropriate negative feedback added to the amplifier circuit effectively reduces distortion and extends the frequency bandwidth.

A dedicated volume control has also been added, which reduces background noise for low volume.

The best components, the best sound

The iBasso AMP9 utilizes high precision Susumu metal film resistors, custom gold-plated inductors, ROHM polymer tantalum capacitors and Panasonic polymer tantalum capacitors. This effectively reduces the resistance of the power supply. It also improves dynamic performance and resolution.

A tailor-made silicone damper for the Nutube module effectively reduces the microphonic effect.

Each iBasso AMP9 is a masterpiece

Each module is tested and combined with an AP audio analyzer, with 3 multi-turn potentiometers. The three potentiometers are calibrated manually and adapted by engineers. This results in optimum Nutube performance.

After 20 versions of optimization and tuning of the development plates, the iBasso AMP9 provides a bright, sweet and attractive sound. This sound is taken to its full potential by iBasso players.


iBasso AMP9 is compatible with the following HiFi audio players:

– iBasso DX150
– iBasso DX200
– iBasso DX220

*Please note that you will need to upgrade your firmware to the latest version. This way you will have an optimized support of the iBasso AMP9. Output port: 3.5mm single end.


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