iBasso DC01


The iBasso DC01 is a 2.5mm HiRes adapter cable, DAC and headphone amplifier compatible with Android, Mac and Windows.

It allows the use of headphones on a smartphone that lacks a physical hardware audio output (or may overlook a low quality audio output if there is one).

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The iBasso DC01 decoder cable is a DAC cable and headphone amplifier. It has a 2.5mm balanced output.

It adopts a 2-way chipset for the headphone amplifier + a LDO cable (low dropout regulator). It is an independent balanced 2-way cable, which ensures high sound quality.

It is compatible with the iBasso tuning style. It reproduces a more pleasant audio and with a great stage.

Top quality components

iBasso has used its expertise in sound performance and components, and after several tests, has selected this type of 8-wire audiophile cable as the connector for the iBasso DC01. This transfers a purer signal.

iBasso CA01 with all HiFi requirements

The DAC iBasso DC01 cable adopts a C-type connector and a standard UAC2.0 sound card chipset. It is not only compatible with the main Androids phones and tablets on the market, but it is also compatible with Apple or Windows, through a C-A adapter connected to easily implement external decoding.


64-level volume adjustment

Devices with Windows 10 and Android 5.0 (or higher) support, by default, the UAC2.0 protocol. In addition, iBasso has developed the APK that supports the volume adjustment of UAC2.0. This allows you to adjust the volume up to 64 levels. Noise is reduced efficiently and a better listening experience is obtained.

No battery

There is no battery inside the iBasso DC01 cable. It uses the USB, once connected to your device, to use electricity.

Features of the iBasso DC01

New generation of AKM 32-bit stereo decoding chipset AK4493 with VELVET technology SOUND™
PCM up to 32bit/384kHz.
Supports native DSD up to 256x
2-way chipset for headphone amplifiers with true balanced design, has a 2.5mm balanced output connector.
It can be used as a headphone amplifier with USB decoding for Android phones and tablets, and as a headphone decoder for Mac, Windows or Linux computers.
C-type connector, compatible with most Android devices
Double LDO ultra low noise, ensures high sound quality

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