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With the RHA T20 Wireless headphones you can enjoy your music with or without cables thanks to detachable cables with MMCX terminations. In addition, they offer precision tunable audio through interchangeable filters.

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The RHA T20 Wireless headset combines the brand’s cutting-edge technologies into a portable, tunable headset. Capable of unprecedented precision and immersion.

High-resolution drivers for DualCoil™

The DualCoil driver is an important improvement over the standard dynamic drivers. They feature an additional coil and a custom diaphragm.

This configuration provides the same focus for low, mid and high frequencies. The DualCoil plays music with power and depth, allowing true-to-life audio without distortion.

Listen your way

Modify the sound signature of your music with interchangeable tuning filters.

Bass filters add more power to hip hop or EDM anthems.

Treble filters enhance details in acoustic or classic recordings.

For the original sound, such as the use intended by the artist, you can use the Reference Filters.

With or without cable

Listen wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. The RHA T20 Wireless has a 3.5 mm connection for high-resolution audio and a flexible Bluetooth neckband.

Compatible with the hi-fi codec aptX™ and a battery life of 12 hours, its SecureFlex neckband lets you enjoy high quality audio.

The RHA T20 Wireless is built to last

Distinctive and refined, the RHA T20 Wireless In-The-Ear Headphones, made of stainless steel, have been designed to fit easily.

With an injection molded shape, the housings block external noise sources for complete immersion.

Find the perfect fit

The RHA T20 Wireless is supplied with 10 pairs of pads in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Double-density, noise-insulating, double-flange silicone pads are included.

Advanced pads Comply™ allow a perfect fit for any ear.

In addition, a stainless steel bracket is included for easy storage of the earpads.

Features of the RHA T20 Wireless

Drivers from DualCoil™ offer impeccable, immersive sound.
Interchangeable tuning filters for bass and treble boost
Removable stainless steel housings
12 Hour Bluetooth Neckband with High Fidelity aptX™
3.5 mm cable for high resolution audio
Comfortable and ergonomic design with noise isolation
Includes Comply™ pads, carrying case and sports clip
3-year international warranty

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