FIIL Diva. Noise cancelling wireless headphones. FIIL Diva are wireless headphones with capabilities you’ve never seen before. The Bluetooth V4.1 on-ear headphones are not only beautifully designed, but pack in powerful features like touch control, active noise canceling, Hi-Fi quality sound, audio transparency, patented technology and more.

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Traditional headphones tend to focus in on the quality of the headphone, while trendy headphones look for ways to reinvent design. FIIL did both. Their sleek, sexy design combined with top-notch technology make FIIL Diva the most desirable wireless headphones on the market.


Bluetooth 4.1
FIIL Diva uses Bluetooth V4.1 technology that normally extends up to approximately 10m. However, with their technology, you can travel up to 100m. without losing your connection.


Extended battery life
FIIL Diva headphones have a standby time of 40 days and playtime of 30 continuous hours on a single charge.


Luxurious design
FIIL’s team tested the shapes of more than 10,000 heads and were able to find a fit that is so comfortable, you might forget you have them on. FIIL’s headband is made of super tough nylon and a force of 4N. The ear pads are made of silk protein leather and have memory foam technology inside.


Foldable and lightweight
FIIL’s design is sleek and beautiful, but also convenient. Their headphones are able to fold into each other for easy traveling and storage. Additionally, one set of headphones weighs less than half a pound (.47lbs to be exact).


FIIL Diva’s patented technology
My AudioFiilter (MAF) is their original patented technology. With this feature, you can choose from four audio modes to maximize your listening experience. The modes include: Active Noise Canceling, Monitor, Open and Wind.


Active noise-canceling mode
Most noise canceling headphones sacrifice the quality of the music being played, making once hi-fi sound ordinary again. FIIl Diva cancels up to 96% (28dB) of ambient noise with no effect on the hi-fi sound.


Monitor mode
Let the outside sound in to communicate with others. Monitor Mode lets you sound into the headphones through the external mic. However, it doesn’t lower the music but amplifies certain sounds so you can hear the outside noises and voices while still wearing the headphones.


Open Mode
Enhance all the sounds in your environment to hear the world (or the people sitting behind you on the subway), clearly, within the headphones.


Wind Mode
You can’t control the weather, but you can control how your music sounds. With Wind Mode, FIIl will reduce noise caused by friction of the wind and your headphones by protecting the outer part of the headphones and enhancing the sound within the headphones.


With My AudioFiilter you can listen to what you want and shield what you don’t.



Support automatically playing and pausing music when put on and put off the headphones

Touch control panel, support song switch and volume control

4.1 Bluetooth transmission

AptX coding technology

The transmission distance can reach 100 meters

Supports a connection of 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously

Motion senson technology

Touch control

FiiL + APP

Extended battery life

Patented my Audiofiilter technology

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



Speaker: 32mm diameter, 32ohms, titanium alloy diaphragm

Speaker Frequency Response: 15kHz~22kHz in wireless music modes, 10Hz~40kHz in wired modes

Speaker Distortion: <0.5%@100dBSPL,1kHz

Speaker Sensitivity: 110dBSPL/V,1kHz

Mic Frequency Response: 100Hz-10kHz

Mic Sensitivity: -42dBV/Pa

Active Noise Canceling: Low frequency band up to 96%

Passive Noise Reduction: High frequency band up to 98%




Battery: 580mAh lithium polymer

Playtime: 30 hours (on a single charge)

Standby time: 40 days (on a single charge) OTG function and OTG data line support

OTG speed: 5MB/s

Micro USB cable (included)

Padding: Memory foam and protein leather

Size: 157×178 mm.


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