FiiO A1


FiiO A1. Portable Headphone Amplifier. Upgraded version of FiiO E06. More fashionable, smaller, better sound quality and more features. A new generation: exquisite design and improved operation

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The FiiO A1 headphones amplifier utilizes a  aluminum alloyed chassis for a durable modern appearance and comfortable handholding. A transparent removable back clip adapts the FiiO A1 to different usage scenarios in style.


Plug-and-play instant audio improvement
With higher power hi-fidelity output than smartphones, the FiiO A1 satisfies your need for more sound quality and quantity.


High-quality electronic volume control
The FiiO A1’s volume buttons are made for Alps microswitches for sensitive and reliable operation.
– VOL+ Press briefly to increase volume by one step, hold to continue increasing volume.
– VOL- Press briefly to decrease volume by one step, hold to continue decreasing volume.


Four EQ modes for maximum flexibility
The FiiO A1 portable amp provides Flat, Base2 and Base3 EQ modes, switchable simply by briefly pressing the power button, allowing you to best adapt the sound output to your earphones and your ears; moreover the indicator light clearly indicates the present EQ mode.


EQ modes
Blue LED on continuously: Flat EQ
Blue LED flashing once every 2 seconds: Bass 1 EQ
Blue LED flashing twice every 2 seconds: Bass 2 EQ
Blue LED flashing thrice every 2 seconds: Bass 3 EQ


3 color status LED
The FiiO A1 headphones amp status LED lights/ flashes differently in different colors in response to power-on, charging, low battery, full battery, etc. allowing you to check its working status at a  glance.


Recargeable Li-poly battery included
Play time: approx. 13 hours


Color: Silver
THD+N: <0.05% (1kHz)
Output power: ≥ 78mW (16Ω loaded)
Battery capacity: 160mAh
SNR: ≥100dB (A-weighted)
Frequency responde: 20 Hz-20kHz
Recommended earphone impedance 16-100Ω
Dimensions: 42mm x4 0,7mm x 9,4mm
Weight: 20g (incl. back clip)
Charging time: ≤90 mins.
Play time: ≥ 13h (32Ω loaded)


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