FiiO AM0


FiiO AM0. Non- Amplifier Module for FiiO X7 audio player. 

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FiiO AM0 Non-Amplifier Module for FiiO X7

The FiiO AM0 is a Non-amplifier module designed for the FiiO X7, for use when you do not require amplification provided by the AM1, AM2 and AM5 modules. The AM0 allows all the normal functions of the other amp modules such as DAC mode, charging and USB storage functions, without providing any additional amplification.

The FiiO AM0 Non-Amped Module has no amplification function, no headphone port and only one USB port. Therefore, AM0 is for users looking to use their X7 as an audio source while connecting to external DAC or AMP.

However, other than the above difference, the AM0 can be used in the same way as other amp modules, such as charging, connecting to PC for USB DAC/ storage function or docking to K5/DK1.

The AM0 Non-amplifier Module is easy to install: Firstly remove the T5 screws using the screwdriver provided in the X7 accessories and then replace the amp module. *Although the X7 has hot plug protection, it is advised that the amp modules be changed only when the player is turned off.*


Partial Performance Parameters for headphone Output
Output Power
>800mW (16Ω/1 kHz)
>500mW (32Ω/1 kHz)
>55mW (300Ω/1 kHz)


Channel separation: >72 dB (32Ω/1 kHz)
Peak Output Voltage: >11 VP-p
Frequency Response: 9Hz-84kHz (-3dB)
Output Impedance <0,5Ω (32Ω/1 kHz))
SNR: ≥120 dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: <0,001% (32Ω/1 kHz))
Max. Output Current: 250 mA (for reference)
Batey Life: >6h


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