FiiO AM3


FiiO AM3. High Power Amplifier Module for FiiO X7 audio player. Get the most of your Fiio X7 and high impedance headphones.

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The FiiO AM3 is the fifth interchangeable module made available for the modular X7 DAP and the upcoming Q5 DAC. By using this module youare able to access the phenomenal audio precision of the FiiO X7 through balanced headphones, thereby giving you an incredibly clear listening experience. The AM3 uses 6 brand new OPA1622 amp chips from Texas Instruments to achieve full channel balanced output for both 2.5mm TRRS balanced output and 3.5mm single-end output. These chips also help achieve an ultralow THD + N of –119.2 dB (0.000018%) while driving a 32Ω load at 10 mW output. With an output power of 150 (before clipping occurs), this is the best module for high power, interference-free audio from your X7.

Changing your amp module is simply a case of unscrewing the screws towards the bottom of the X7 with the screwdriver provided in the X7s packaging. You then detach the AM1 module before replacing with the AM5 and re-attaching the screws. Make sure the X7 is powered down while doing this. If you are uncertain which is which, the name of the unit is marked on the rear side.

  • Use to power balanced headphones with FiiO’s modular products
  • For use with the FiiO X7 and upcoming FiiO Q5 (SOLD SEPERATELY)
  • Battery life >6 hours
  • Balanced (TRRS) Output Power 1: >420 mW (16Ω/1 kHz)
  • Balanced (TRRS) Output Power 2: >540 mW (32Ω/1 kHz)
  • Balanced (TRRS) Output Power 3: >70 mW (300Ω/1 kHz)
  • Regular (3.5mm) Output Power 1: >250 mW (16Ω/1 kHz)
  • Regular (3.5mm) Output Power 2: >190 mW (32Ω/1 kHz)
  • Regular (3.5mm) Output Power 3: >25 mW (300Ω/1 kHz)
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz~83 kHz
  • SNR: ≥115 dB (A-weighted)
  • Output Impedance: <0.5Ω(32Ω load)
  • Channel Separation: >72 dB(32Ω/1 kHz)


Partial Performance Parameters for headphone Output
Output Power
>800mW (16Ω/1 kHz)
>500mW (32Ω/1 kHz)
>55mW (300Ω/1 kHz)


Channel separation: >72 dB (32Ω/1 kHz)
Peak Output Voltage: >11 VP-p
Frequency Response: 9Hz-84kHz (-3dB)
Output Impedance <0,5Ω (32Ω/1 kHz))
SNR: ≥120 dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: <0,001% (32Ω/1 kHz))
Max. Output Current: 250 mA (for reference)
Batey Life: >6h


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