FiiO E12
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FiiO E12


FiiO E12 Mont Blanc. Headphones Amplifier. It is a high performance portable headphone amplifier, which has a high quality built-in processor and power amplifier in a super slim body.

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FiiO E12 Mont Blanc portable headphones amplifier adopts the high-performance OPAMP combination OPA1611 and LME49600 which was specially designed for Hi-Fi audio products by TI Company located in America. Of the two, OPA1611 serves as the amplifier, while LME49600 plays the role of currency outputting. The uttermost performance of the two OPAMP can achieve near-zero distortion at 0.000015%.


As always, OPAMP circuit employs mature while classical design with combination of operational amplifier and buffering which results in perfect balance between high-performance sound fidelity and long-lasting durability. With the addition of high quality well-chosen audio devices, such as WIMA capacitor, ALPS potentiometer and battery at high-frequency while low-impedance, it makes the sound of Mont Blanc to be low-distortion as well as low internal resistance and qualified to rival the glory of the world’s most famous piano Steinway.


The built-in Li-polymer battery with large capacity embedded in Mont Blanc E12 is capable to provide strong power supply. +11V voltage comes from the three cascaded battery, while the -11V voltage is the outcome of the high-performance DC/DC circuit transformation, which in the end forms a 22V working voltage. On the one hand, it can make the OPAMP’s high performance be guaranteed; on the other hand, it can meet the large dynamic range that required in boosting big headphones with high impedance. The total maximum output power can reach as high as 850mW.


In order to bring convenience to all the end-users, FiiO gets the 5V USB boosted to 14V so as to get the built-in battery recharged. Therefore, users can feel free to charge it by means of computer, mobile phones or laptops with 5V currency via USB port.


Meanwhile, Mont Blanc would automatically adjust it to proper charging currency according to PC USB port and other charging output currency so as to get the battery recharged in the soonest time. Charging methods without any limits, customers can choose adapter with high power according to different needs to shorten the charging time. It only takes 3 hours to get it full recharged by using the laptop’s adapter at 2A currency output.


The added charging indicator makes the Mont Blanc E12 much more user-friendly. It adopts the popular respiration lamp effect which would reflect the speed of the charging. This enables the consumers to keep the status of Mont Blanc in hand. What’s more, in order to cater to different headphones with various impedances, styles and sensitivities, Mont Blanc kindly provided gain adjusting and bass boosting function which enable the end-user to have flexible and customized usage. Meanwhile, the added simulation of Speaker Sound Field would lessen the headphone’s in-head effect.


High damping rotational potentiometer can avoid error-operation in moving. Secured output relay is capable to prevent booting pop noise and protect headphone & machine in case of any abnormalities. Output DC and internal fault protection would make the machine back to normal after one switch round.


Equipped with all-over aluminium design externally, it also embedded with generous cost fixing support internally, which makes Mont Blanc E12 “inside equals outside”. The way just as iPhone, apart from the two concealed screws, all the constitutions on Mont Blanc unify as one seamlessly. With reasonable design and integrated framework, we succeeded in making the thickness of a portable amplifier with high power within 14.5mm. Exquisite metal wire-drawing effect has been applied to the surface, and elaborate treating been processed to the volume adjusting knob which secures comfortable hand feeling as more details. The whole workmanship and details-processing indicate a qualitative leap in the process of pursuing a better technological design of FiiO.

Additional information

Weight 0,32 kg


Audio Specifications:

Output Impedance: <0.5Ω

Signal to Noise Ratio: >110dB

Max Input Level: >8 Vrms

Channel imbalance: <0.5dB

Output Power: >880mW@32Ω

MAX output power: 170 mA

THD: <0.005%

Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 100KHz

Input sensitivity: <710 mV(Gain:high)

Crosstalk: > 70 dB

Gain: >16 dB(high)

MAX output voltage: 15.5 Vp-p

Bass Boost Range: > 4.2dB @ 100Hz

Bass boost: 1 Level



Weight: 159g

Dimensions: 124×65.5×14.5(mm)

Audio input: 3.5mm stereo jack

Audio output: 3.5mm stereo jack

Power input: Micro USB 5V/2A

Battery life: >12 hours

Charging time: <150 minutes

Volume control: ALPS Potentiometer

Battery capacity: 9.7Wh (880mAh / 11.1V)


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