FiiO E17K Alpen 2

FiiO E17K Alpen 2. Portable USB DAC/AMP. A revolution without equal. The FiiO E17K is a portable headphone amplifier and digital to analog converter (DAC). The FiiO E17K has a built in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charger, allowing you to charge on your PC or with a USB adapter.

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The FiiO E17K headphones amp and USB DAC inherits the brushed metal crafting of the FiiO E17, but with fewer buttons in front and a thinner profile for a sleeker look.


Multifunctional wheel.
Utilizing an all-new, unique multifunctional wheel, responding to both turns and presses, the FiiO E17K provides intuite, agile control in one spot in place of several buttons on the FiiO E17.


USB audio decoding
Utilizing the SA9027 USB receiver, the FiiO E17K may be used as an external sound card for computers, supporting up to 96 kHz/32 bit, and supporting DSD decoding (with ASIO driver and SACD plugin).


Uncompromising sound.
The FiiO E17K utilizes TI’s all-new PCM5102, which possesses higher S/N ratio, lower distortion and more linear digital-analog characteristics. Also utilizing TI’s flagship OPA1622 as low-pass filter, and the OPA1642+LMH6643 in a OP+BUF architecture usually only seen in high-end units.


Complete connectivity
The FiiO E17K expands on the industry-standard Micro-USB socket to not only provide charging and data exchange connectivity, but also to dock with FiiO’s future desktop products. Also comes with coaxial digital input supporting up to 192 kHz/24 bit PCM input (3.5mm to coaxial converter plug included), and dual-function line in/line out port for maximum convenience and operational value for money.



Audio Input: Micro USB/Coaxial/3.5 mm jack (COAXIAL adapter attached)
Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
Volume Control: Digital Volume Control (0-60)
Bass Adjustment: Yes
Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16~150 Ω (Recommended)
Power Input: DC5V 1A recommended
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
Battery Life: >15 h
Output Power: >200 mW (32 Ω/THD<1%)
Charge Time: ≤ 220 min
THD+N: <0.003% (1 kHz)
Output Impedance: <1.1 Ω
Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
SNR: >113 dB (AUX IN Gain 0 dB/6 dB)
Input Sensitivity: 2.7 V (0 dB), 1.38 V (6 dB), 0.68 V (12 dB)
Max Input Level: >4 Vrms
Crosstalk: >75 dB (1 kHz)
Channel Imbalance: 0.5 dB
Gain: 0/6/12 dB
Bass Adjustment Range: ±10 dB
MAX output voltage: >7.8 Vp-p
MAX Output Current: >115 mA


Color Available: Black
Weight: 110 g
Dimensions: 104.1mm × 62.2mm × 12.8 mm


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