FiiO K5

FiiO K5. Docking Headphone Amplifier /DAC. An exclusive ride for Fiio Players X1, X3II, X5II, X7 and the amp/DAC E17K

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With the multifunction docking station FiiO K5 you can connect FiiO X series music players FiiO X1, FiiO X3II, FiiO X5II, FiiO X7 and the DAC/amp FiiO E17K, which utilize a 11-pin micro USB port, and may realize exclusive docking expansion functions such as amplification and charging.


High power output driving full size headphones with easy current feedback amplification with low output impedance
Utilizing TI’s TPA6120A2 current feedback headphone driver, the K5 utilizes exclusive technology to lower its output impedance to a transparent < 1OHM and increase its maximum output power to up to 1,5W@32OHM. Utilizing an extra current amplification stage and comprising an internal high efficiency, low noise power supply, the FiiO K5 docking station has high current output, satisfying highly dynamic program material, and has three gain setting suitable for headphones of different sensitivities.


Finely crafted with exquisite design
Compared to the last-generation E-series products, the FiiO K5 has made breakthrough strides in exterior design and craft, with lower tolerances of all joints and seams, more high-quality sanded surface finish and an indented front bezel assembly for a further upgrade in appearance.


Synchronized power on/off for maximum convenience 
When the FiiO K5 powers on/off, the docked FiiO X1, X3II, X5II. X7 or E17K will power on/off in sync, a great convenience for users and a sign of complete integration of the docked devices.


A rich set of input ports for different uses
Besides docking function, The FiiO K5 also has standard line inputs for other source components and secondary dock input and USB passthrough input.

(Note: Secondary dock input is form docking with FiiO X1/ X3II/ X5II/ X7/E17K via exclusive USB cable instead of topside dick)

(Note: USB input passes USB signal through to the docked FiiO device to realize its USB functions such as USB storage read/write and USB DAC function)


Expands USB DAC function of Fiio players
The FiiO K5 realizes further amplification of FiiO X3II/ X5II/ X7/E17K’s DAC signal by directly connecting them to USB source through USB IN port and receiving the decoded line signal through the dock for amplification(USB DAC driver installations for FiiO X3II/ X5II/ X7/ E17K requieres where applicable)


Balanced line output for double the fun
Besides regular RCA line output, the FiiO K5 also possesses balanced line output function when docked to the FiiO X5 II or FiiO X7, and can be connected to other professional amplifier components for even better sound effect.


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