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FiiO X5. High-end portable music audio player. It is the highest quality audio player designed by FiiO and one of the best that the current market can offer. Besides the X3 remarkable power, the X5 model adds a much more balanced sound with more detail, thanks to its AD1955 DAC and materials which are an authentic luxury.

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FiiO X5 high-end portable music audio player is the highest quality audio player designed by FiiO and one of the best that the current market can offer. Besides the X3 remarkable power, the X5 model adds a much more balanced sound with more detail, thanks to its AD1955 DAC and materials which are an authentic luxury.


Dual-core CPU
FiiO X5 DAP utilizes the Ingenics 4760B dual-core 600MHz CPU. With its formidable processing power, the FiiO X5 music player supports all six major lossless music formats. The X5 supports DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, WAV lossless music formats. This is the most complete set of supported formats to date among Hi-Fi DAPs.  With the FiiO X5 , music lovers need notworry about lack of format supportor format conversion. The FiiO X5 audio player even decodes Apple’s proprietary ALAC format seamlessly.


Dual purpose: DAP+DAC
FiiO The X5 serves not only as a DAP, but also as a USB DAC when connected to a computer, thus satisfying your music needs in and out of the house.


Asynchronous USB DAC function
Supports 192K/24B


Quad-balanced power supply
Using a quad balanced power supply the X5 achieves bipolar output without using coupling capacitors.


Dual TF card slots
Supports up to 256GB (128GB×2), will support for 512GB, 1024GB, etc. in future firmware upgrades.


Audiophile-grade discrete architecture
Utilizing flagship op-amps from major manufacturers discretely for DAC, preamp and amp duties.
TI’s top-flight PCM1792A as DAC, with THD<0.000015%
4 OPA1612 used for current / voltage conversion and amplification
2 LMH6643 used for headphone output


10 bands graphic EQ for fine-tuning freedom
Users can adjust the FiiO X5’s equalizer according to their preferences, tailoring the FiiO X5’s sound output to different headphones and music genres to produce their ideal sound.


All new user-friendly UI
2.4” IPS color LCD
All-new mechanical scroll wheel (using Alps rotary switch components from Japan).
All-new custom UI forged from years of experience and feedback.
All-mechanical interface can be operated out of eyesight.
Shortcuts key allows fast access to essential options.
Quick access to songs, batch addition of songs to Favorites collection.


Full set of ports for class-leading connectivity
The FiiO X5 music player comes with three output ports: headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output. Apart from connecting directly to headphones, you can also connect it to other DACs and amps.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg


Size of gift box: 16.6 x 13 x 4.3 cm

Cable: 1m special made large current Micro USB cable and charging cable

Silicone case: 1pc black semi-transparent silicone case

Coaxial converting cable: 1pc

OTG cable: 1pc

Protective film: 2pcs (X5 with one already when leaving factory)

Dust-proof plug: 3pcs

User manual: 1pc

Repairs cards: 1pc

Others: Promotion code for HDtracks



Color: Black

Weight: 195g

Dimensions: Width 67.6mm, Height 114mm, Thickness 15.6mm.

Screen: 2.4 inch colorized, 260.000 colors, HD IPS screen with resolution 400×360.

Material: Senior Air CNC aluminum unibody enclosure plastic shell, button trim panel with drawing aluminium alloy, button with metal CD grain.

Power supply and battery: Port: Micro USB, Power source: PC USB port, USB power supply or mobile power charger. Battery capacity: 3700mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery

Expansion Memory: Dual TF card(Micro SD card), Support 256GB (128GB×2) Max.

Micro USB: data port/ charging port/ USB OTG port

Headphone jack: 3.5mm headphone jack

Line output: 3.5mm jack

Digital audio output: 3.5mm coaxial output

Audio format supported: Lossless – APE (Fast):192K/24B; APE (Normal):96K/24B; APE (High):96K/24B; FLAC:192K/24B; WAV: 192K/24B; WMA 9.1 LOSSLESS:96K/24B; Apple Lossless:192K/24B; Lossy compression – MP2, MP3, AAC, ALAC, WMA, OGG.

Data transmission: USB 2.0 high speed. Reading/writing speed about 4.5M/s.

Volume control: 120 levels digital volume control mode

Gain selection: Low gain/high gain available to adapt to different sensitivity headphones and earplugs.

Built-in battery: 3700mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery

Playing time: It’s about 12 hrs for firmware with version 1.0, after upgrading,it would be about 12-15hrs.

Firmware allocation: CPU: JZ4760, DAC chip: PCM1792, AMP chip: LMH6643x2



Headphone Impedance Range: 16~300Ω

Bass Boost: 10 bands graphic EQ

Treble: 10 bands graphic EQ

Left right channel adjustment: 5 dB

Gain selection: 0/6 dB


Partial performance parameters for line output

THD+N < 0.0025%@1KHz

SNR > 115dB (A-Weight)

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz(+/-0.1)

Dynamic range > 115dB

Crosstalk > 100 dB @10KΩ @1KHz

Line output Level > 1.5 Vrms


Part of the Performance Parameter of Phone out

Output Power 1 > 460 mW@16Ω THD<1%

Output Power 2 > 255 mW@32Ω

Output Power 3 > 28 mW@300Ω

THD+N < 0.003%@1KHz

Crosstalk >75 dB@1KHz

Output Impedance <0.26Ω

Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz(+/-0.1)

MAX output voltage > 8 Vp-p

SNR > 115 dB

MAX output current > 150 mA


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