Fischer Audio Eterna


Fischer Audio Eterna. Over-ear in-ear IEMs headphones. Ideal for energetic musical styles. Great quality and isolation. The design is aimed at reducing external noise and creating a crystal clear sound.

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The Fischer Audio Eterna are in-ear monitors with a fun and warm sound. V Sound paradigm. Ideal for energetic musical styles. Great quality and isolation. The design is aimed at reducing external noise and creating a crystal clear sound.


Stunning Professional class earphones. Fischer Audio Eterna have been ideally suited for use with High-End class portable audio equipment. Their design was especially developed to reach maximum sound quality, a highly efficient noise suppression system was implemented.


It is safe to call these earphones genre independent: all music styles sound equally well in them, the sound is crystal clear and transparent. Middle frequencies are detailed enough, the sound of musical instruments is really natural and recognizable. Low frequencies are also convincing: the bass is deep and quick.


Even if you want to turn volume to the maximum, you will never hear anything like hoarseness. Enhanced cable reliability cannot but gladden your heart. Stylish glazed bodies will be a worthy addition to the list of this model’s advantages. You wish to listen to music in such earphones and it does not tire you at all; it rather transfers you from the real world to the world of your melodies.

Additional information

Weight 0,11 kg



Over-the-ear earphones

Professional class earphones

Highly efficient noise suppression system

Transparent and crystal clear sound

Enhanced cable reliability

Cable length 1.25 m

Driver dia 10 mm

Material plastic

Color silver-black




Frequency range 20-20000 Hz

Sensitivity 108 dB

Impedance 18 Ohm

Maximum power input 350 mW


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