iBasso DC04


DAC / Amplifier adapter cable with USB-C input to balanced 4.4mm output compatible with Android, MAC and Windows. Thanks to its adapter it can be used as a high power sound card.

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The iBasso DC04 is an affordable, high-performance, portable balanced headphone amplifier and DAC combo. Ideal for smartphones with USB-C that do not offer headphone output and as a high-powered sound card for computers.

To enjoy high-quality sound reproduction with your smartphone or computer, the iBasso DC04 is equipped with a pair of CS43131 DAC chips that ensure a THD+N of 0.00032% (@ 300Ω), an SNR of 133dB and a noise floor of only 0.9µV. It is also capable of 2x 192mW power development (@ 32Ω). This integration also allows it to support high-resolution files up to 32bit 384kHz PCM and DSD256 Native.

Cirrus Logics’ high-performance DAC chips offer exceptional sound clarity output with ultra-low distortion and a clean, noise-free background. The DAC chips are arranged in a balanced architecture (one for each channel) to give you the best listening experience.

Balanced output and USB DAC
The DC04 integrates a fully balanced 4.4 mm headphone jack. It is compatible with the latest Japanese Pentaconn 4.4 mm connectors, which are more reliable and robust than the traditional 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm connectors. So you can use the iBasso DC04 with your high-end IEMs and headphones with 4.4mm jack termination.

Supplied with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, the DC04 can also be used with a computer as a high-end sound card.

Exceptional output power
The iBasso DC04 has plenty of power to drive headphones and IEMs with ease. It has an output power of 195mW @ 32Ω load. At 300Ω load, the DC04 has an output power of 4Vrms. The output has a clean bottom end with a high signal-to-noise ratio of 133dB.

UAC volume control
A smartphone typically uses a software volume control with 10 levels, which does not allow for precise volume adjustment. The iBasso DC04 offers a huge output level of 4Vrms at 300Ω, so volume control is via a custom app that allows up to 64 levels of volume adjustment.

With an ultra-low output impedance of only 0.12Ω and precise volume adjustment, the iBasso DC04 can also be used with sensitive headphones and IEMs.

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What's in the box?

1x iBasso DC04
1x USB-C to USB-A Adapter


Product type: Balanced DAC and headphone amplifier
DAC chip: 2x CS43131
Input: 1x USB-C male
Output: 1 x balanced 4.4 mm jack female
THD+N: -110dB / 0.00032% @ 300Ω, -108dB / 0.00039% @ 32Ω
Output level: 4Vrms @ 300Ω, 2.5Vrms @ 32Ω
Power output: 192mW @ 32Ω
SNR: 133dB
Frequency response: 20Hz – 40kHz ±0.5dB
Noise: < 0.9µV
Output impedance: < 0.12Ω
Sampling rates supported: PCM up to 32bit 384kHz, native DSD up to DSD256

Dimensions: 110 x 43.5mm
Weight: 12g


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