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The iBasso DX150 is the brand’s commitment to extending the domain of the DX200 to the mid-range. High quality display, interchangeable output modules, Android 6.0 operating system and a lot of autonomy coupled with a fast loading system to be always ready. The new iBasso DX150 is a DX200 with lambskin.

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The iBasso DX150 portable music player is a huge step forward for the mid-to-high range of MP3 players. It is practically a less luxurious, slightly less stratospheric version of the iBasso DX200, which is currently the best performing player on the market. This allows you to sweep away players like the FIIO X5 III, which are clearly lagging behind in performance and functionality like modules. In fact, the iBasso DX150 rivals and even surpasses the FIIO X7 Mark 2 in some respects.

iBasso DX150 Display

It features a high resolution 4.2 inch, 768×1280 high quality optical glass touch screen signed by Mitsubishi. With an impressive 93% transmission, this display module not only displays images in the best detail, but also provides you with an excellent user experience.

Open Operating System Android 6.0

This HiRes player has inherited the Android operating system and drivers from the high-end iBasso DX200 player. This allows the iBasso DX150 to overcome the Android sample rate limitation. In other words, the iBasso DX150 does not have the Android SRC limitation.

Having an optimal structure for the audio, it is capable of reproducing every bit of sound in great detail. The Android operating system also allows the installation of any third-party apps.

Now you can experience everything you want with the apps and get a more faithful music experience.

XMOS-XU208 Chipset. A high-performance USB-DAC

Thanks to the XU208 USB chipset that has been used in the new iBasso DX150 and the Thesycon USB driver, this mp3 audio player can be used as a high performance USB-DAC, equivalent to the best portable amplifiers / DACs on the market.

Rapid battery charging PD2.0

The iBasso DX150 has a 3.8V 4400mAh low-resistance internal lithium polymer battery. With the built-in AMP6 amplifier module as standard, playback time is approximately 10.5 hours. The iBasso DX150 supports PD2.0 type C fast charge, also compatible with QC2.0 fast charge.

The PD2.0 supports up to 100w that can fully charge the iBasso DX150 in 2 hours using a suitable charger.

Fully balanced design, from dual DAC to headphone output

This Android iBasso DX150 player uses two AK4490EQ chipsets. Each of them incorporates 2 DACs. This means that the iBasso DX150 has 2 DACs for each channel. It also has several ultra-low noise power regulators that provide cleaner power for the entire system.

The set of Panasonic film capacitors and a symmetrical topology squeeze the potential of the DAC AK4490. iBasso has performed several measurements with its test equipment, the APX525, achieving -110dB THD+N and 118dB S/N, which shows the best performance implementation achieved by the AK4490 chip.

In addition, the AMP6 achieves a very respectable power considering its long battery life: 4.8Vrms (no load) and 3.7Vrms (32 Ohm load), 425mW maintaining zero distortion even for the most sensitive in-ear headphones THD+N<0.001%.

The iBasso DX150 + AMP6 is perfect for any in-ear headset and at the same time can move the vast majority of headset headphones, even the hardest orthodontic headphones.

Full synchronization technology TCXO PLL

The iBasso DX150 is very different compared to DACs based on multiple oscillators. Thanks to the TXCO and PLL synchronization technology that iBasso has incorporated into this player, jitter is reduced to an extremely low level. Also, switching oscillators are no longer required for different sample rates, eliminating clicks when changing oscillators. This is the first time that PLL technology, which is commonly found in high-end non-handheld DACs, has been used in a portable digital audio player. iBasso’s PLL technology makes the input and output clocks almost identical, and by providing this highly accurate clock, the sound quality is improved, enhancing the ultimate musical experience.

iBasso DX150: replaceable AMP modules

Following the line that was incorporated in the iBasso DX200, the iBasso DX150 allows you to exchange the amplifier module and it is fully compatible with all iBasso DX200 modules, such as AMP2, AMP3, AMP7 or AMP8. Thanks to these different modules, the iBasso DX150 can provide superior sound quality and greater versatility for different types of headphones.

AMP6 amplifier module included, a new start

Featuring the latest IT buffer and the most advanced power supply, the interchangeable iBasso AMP6 module significantly reduces power consumption and heat generation, while retaining high power output and excellent fidelity. Even with this high-power output, playback time is maintained at more than 10 hours. The iBasso AMP6 amplifier module also uses high-precision 0.05% resistors, which help reduce distortion to a very low level. This combined with Panasonic POSCAP and ultra-low noise power regulators results in purer, cleaner and more accurate sound.


Operating system: Android 6.0
CPU: 64bit 8-core A53 CPU
Rom: 32G eMMC
DAC: Double AK4490EQ
Sampling rate: PCM: 8kHz-384kHz (8/16/24/32 bit) native; DSD: DSD64/128/256
System clock: Fully synchronized technology with TXCO and PLL
Screen: 4.2 inch retina 768×1280
MicroSD: Compatible with SDHC and SDXC, up to 2TB
USB DAC function: XMOS XU208, Thesycon USB controller
WiFi/Bluetooth: 802.11 (b/g/n/ac) (2.4Hhz/5Ghz), Bluetooth 4.1
Battery: 3.8V 4400mAh li-polymer supplied by MBELL
Fast charging: PD2.0 compatible with QC2.0
Size: 128.5 x 69 x 19.5 mm
Weight: 245g

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