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iFi nano iCAN. High-end, battery-powered, portable Headphone Amp. For many, enjoying music requires the component to excel in both a ‘static’ high-end system as well as a ‘dynamic’ portable system. The nano iCAN fits this bill perfectly.

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The iFi nano iCAN headphones amplifier is the battery-powered, half-sized version of the multiple-award winning micro series.


For many, enjoying music requires the component to excel in both a ‘static’ high-end system as well as a ‘dynamic’ portable system. The iFi nano iCAN headphones amplifier fits this bill perfectly. Able to take RCA or 3.5mm inputs, running on lithium-polymer battery power, enjoy music wherever, whenever, whatever.


The iFi nano iCAN amp maintains the iFi tradition of excellent sonics with canyon-deep bass. Its supreme circuit design uses DirectDrive® technology; without the need for output capacitors.


A truly remarkable headphone amplifier must also be user-adjustable. First, to suit each type of recording, the iFi nano iCAN amplifier features the original 3D HolographicSound® for Headphones to take the sound ‘back out of the head. Second, to suit different headphones, XBass® and user-selectable gain unlock the maximum potential of each and every type of headphone, whether at home or on the move.


70 hours battery life
The iFi nano iCAN’s High-End headphones amplifier power supply options offer two major benefits. First, it provides portable music enjoyment, simply by connecting a source such as iPhone/iPad/Android via the 3.5mm output. Second, at home, via the 9V mains power, it offers the drive to push headphones to their maximum potential with consumate ease.

The onboard lithium-polymer battery allows the user to enjoy over 70 hours of high-end music wherever, whenever, whatever.


There are portable headphone amps and there is the iFi nano iCAN. Its DirectDrive® technology means no output coupling capacitors to provide the most direct signal path to retain the essence of the music.


The DirectDrive® technology is one of the core reasons why the iFi range of components has garnered such rave reviews.


3D HolographicSound®
The 3D HolographicSound® system for Headphones has become so universally-acclaimed that others have attempted to replicate this technology.
By placing the recoding back outside of the head (and not using just generic crossfeed), the  iFi nano iCAN is in a field of its own.
It has no competition, literally.


All headphones and recordings perform differently.  XBass® has been ‘trickled-down’ from the iFi micro iCAN to ensure that iFi nano iCAN users also benefit from the amazing, canyon-deep bass this circuit extracts from headphones.  Once tried, there is no going back.



Power Source: Battery / external 9V

Battery Life: ~ 70 Hours*

Input: RCA Stereo, 3.5mm

Output 6.3mm Headphone, 3.5mm adapter included

Analogue Processing: X-Bass, 3D Sound

Gain: 8dB/18dB (selectable)

SNR: 112dB(A)

THD &N (100mW) < 0.02%

Output Power(32R): 150mW (external power)**

Dimensions: 87(l) x 68 (w) x 28 (h) mm

Weight: 160g (0.35lbs)


* depends on volume setting
** Fed by 9v mains supply


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