iFi iSilencer 3.0


iFi iSilencer 3.0. USB Noise Filter. This is an instant upgrade for all USB ports. The iSilencer3.0® is USB3.0 standard but also 2.0 compatible.

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iFi iSilencer 3.0 is an instant upgrade for all USB ports; it adds the following features to the USB ports:


1. Active Noise Cancellation® technology
2. Reduce jitter + packet errors
3. REbalance® the USB signal
4. USB3.0 technology for optimal transfer


Active Noise Cancellation® by AMR/iFi now rolling out across the range
Active Noise Cancellation by AMR/iFi is in-house technology developed to cut out noise in a very significant way in the audio field. It is now the bedrock of iFi signal/power products because they need to address the issue of noise in both signal and power situations.


What is the Active Noise Cancellation circuit design?

Drawing from the military field (specifically the Thales Spectra radar cancellation system deployed in the French Dassault Rafale jet fighter), iFi adapted this technology to exclusively introduce the Active Noise Cancellation® (ANC®) audio power system. It is now a cornerstone of the ever-improving iFi USB audio technology, looking for new products to feature ANC® ,and ANC+®.

By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, it actively cancels all the incoming noise. ANC® is the perfect ‘antidote’ for power supply noise, the bane of USB audio.


More than one iSilencer3.0® brings exponential benefit
The iFi iSilencer 3.0 can be used not only at the active USB ports but also at unused USB ports where it will reduce radiated EMI and as the ANC® circuitry is bi-directional and usually as all USB ports share one power bus. The iFi iSilencer 3.0 cuts noise, system-wide for all USB ports, including for example an active port that has another iSilencer3.0® plugged-in which is the one connected to another device.

Multiple ANC® circuits will simply double the noise reduction each time the number of ANC® units is doubled. So 2 x iFi iSilencer 3.0 will kill double the noise of a single-one and four for example will kill four times the noise of a single one; if they are plugged into the same block of USB Ports and even though only one iSilencer3.0® has one device (e.g. DAC) connected into it.


USB3.0 technology, at the cutting-edge
It is now a hallmark of all the latest iFi signal and power products to be USB3.0 standard. First USB3.0 is backwards compatible with USB2.0. Second, in terms of the specifications, USB3.0 is superior to USB2.0 e.g. the wire gauge specification is more exhaustive and the connections are better.
Hence, the iFi iSilencer 3.0 is USB 3.0 standard but also USB 2.0 compatible.


Check out iFi iSilencer 3.0’s user manual.

Additional information

Weight 0,063 kg
Dimensions 4,8 × 1,8 × 0,8 cm


Super-Speed USB3.0 (and USB2.0 backwards compatible)
Connectors: USB3.0 gold-plated connectors
Dimensions: 48 (l) x 18 (w) x 8 mm (h)
Weight: 6.3g (0.22oz)


*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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