LCD Balanced Cable
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LCD Balanced Cable


LCD Balanced Cable. 4-Pin balanced cable for all LCD planar magnetic series headphones.

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Audeze’s superb sounding balanced cables 4-pin are designed in-house with high-quality materials and are as thoroughly tested as all their products.


Proprietary Cables at Reasonable Prices
The 8.2 ft (2.5 m) flat-ribbon cable (ADZ6B4) is constructed of audio grade, oxygen-free high-quality copper (OFHC). It’s actually a high-conductivity copper alloy electrolytically refined in an oxygen-free environment that reduces oxygen levels to below .001%.

For accurate bass and low impedance Audeze uses 20-gauge wire constructed of 140 flexible strands for extra durability. And to ensure great sound and reliability, your 4-pin cable is terminated with gold-plated, pro-grade connectors; one 4-pin male XLR and two 4-pin female mini-XLRs.


4-pins Are Better Than Two
Four contact points instead of two doubles the contact area and cuts resistance in half for a higher current capacity and more dynamic sound. The locking 4-pin construction also ensures your headphones will continue to work even if one pin were to fail.


Less Noise, More Music
The 4-pin cable’s sturdy but flexible and soft outer jacket eliminates microphonics: you’ll hear nothing when you touch the cable. Gold-plated contacts keep contact resistance low and avoid oxidization.


Greater Comfort
Audeze even designed a longer molded y-splitter (where the cable branches off to each ear). Tangle-free comfort makes for enjoyable listening sessions.

Additional information

Weight 0,025 kg


General and Construction

Proprietary 140-strand OFHC high-purity audio-grade copper

20 AWG for low impedance, high current capacity and extended high frequencies

Non-microphonic and quiet when you move

Length: 8.2 ft (2.5 m)

Weight: ADZ6B4 – 119 g



Pro-quality gold-plated XLR connector on the amp side

Pro-quality gold-plated latching 4-pin mini-XLR connectors to headphones



Dielectric strength: 500 VAC

Resistance: 170 milliohms for return path of 8.2 ft cable including the contact resistance of the mini-XLR connector on the LCD2 housing

Capacitance: 250 pF including mini-XLR connector on LCD housing

Response: -3 dB @ 12.7 MHz

Inductance: 1.8 microH


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