Macaw GT100s


Macaw GT100s. HiFi Inverted Dynamic In-ear Earphone With Mic. GT100s is the first inverted single dynamic in-ear earphone in the world. Macaw team used MIM (metal injection moulding) and interchangeable tuning filters to develop it. They focus on sound quality, products looking and every detail.

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Macaw GT100s portable in-ear headphones is a high fidelity audio product. It’s designed for smartphones and Hifi audiophile. Macaw GT100s is a good friend for enjoying your music.


Macaw GT100s is suitable for use with most of audio devices. For example: smartphone, tablets, computers, MP3 and professional audio player. Also it has a connector that change 3.5mm plug to 6.35mm adapter. Plug Macaw GT100s earphones into a high fidelity device, you will have a wonderful music world.
To make you comfortable when you listening music with Macaw GT100s, different size of ear tips on a tips holder provided. Ps, Macaw GT100s in-ear has two pairs of memory foam tips.


To make Macaw GT100s earphones with a good design and high quality. Macaw team used MIM (metal injection moulding) to develop it. The MIM process includes heating stainless steel to 1300 till formed the shape. The earphone housing precision is controlled ±0.3%. The thinnest of the stainless steel is less than 0.5m.
To make higher fidelity sound, Macaw GT100s made the Dynamic driver inverted, that makes the sound better with normal assembling in the same driver.


Interchangeable tuning filter
Interchangeable filter provided for you tuning different sound based on your music. GT100s provide 3 interchangeable filter. It makes different sounds for you.
Enhanced Treble: Gold – 
Fit for: Classical music, Cappella music
Standard sound: Silver – Fit for: All the music
Enhanced Bass: Black – Fit for: HipHop, Metal


It is very important to choose a pair of suitable size ear tips for your ear. A pair of suitable ear tips will make the sound better. Please find your suitable ear tips from the ear tips we provided.

You just need take the tips off from the filter to change the filter based on your requests.


Blind dot design
There has a blind dot under the L which made for blind people to distinguish the L and R in the dark , so that make them enjoy music world.


Bulletproof silk with Oxygen-free copper
Headphones cable length 135cm, it contains 18 x 4 oxygen-free copper and 200 d bulletproof silk. Slim smart appearance, Anti-pulls, easy to wound, well above the general robustness of headphone cable.


Standard 3.5mm headphone plug
Can be used on most mainstream broadcast equipment; extremely resistant and corrosion-resistant, tight mating, maximum security lossless audio output.


Noise-isolating Soft Eartips
Used highly active material silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, soft texture, high adsorption performance, you can choose the best fit the size of the ear, allowing you listening music in a more comfortable and confined environment.
The used Memory foam’s molecular stable, non-allergic. No irritating volatile substances, no toxic and side effects with human contact, making the product durable, comfortable, anti-fouling bacteria, good sound insulation.


Single click: Pause/play
Double click: Next track
Triple click: Previous track
Click and hold: active voice assistant
Delicate process , handmade cutting ,polishing and other procedures


Tempered glass, high temperature steel processing, high gloss surface, reach more than 6H hardness, compression and wear-resisting. Electroplated logo, delicate metal textures, shine, brightness and clear.


Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg



Dual density silicone tips(S/M/L)

Memory tips (2 pairs)

3 interchangeable filter (silver)

Premium leather pouch: Artist-Pioneer version


Model: Single dynamic driver

Sensitivity: 100dB@1KHz

Impedance: 16O

Frequency Response: 5Hz-16 KHz

Maximum Input Power: 10mw

Cord Length: 135cm



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