Nuforce HEM 4 High resolution in ear headphones
Nuforce HEM4
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Nuforce HEM4


Nuforce HEM4. High resolution in-ear monitors. Designed for music lovers and professionals, these innovative in-ear headphones offer budding artists, home recording musicians and DJs incredible audio reproduction.

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The High Resolution certified Nuforce HEM4 high resolution in ear headphones set a new standard for accuracy, speed and comfort. Designed for music lovers and professionals, these innovative in-ear headphones offer budding artists, home recording musicians and DJs incredible audio reproduction. Combining the latest balanced armature driver technology with advanced crossover design, the Nuforce HEM4 in-ear monitors reveal a wider frequency range for the ultimate listening experience.


Hi-Res performance
The Nuforce HEM4 in-ear headphones let you hear every track in exceptional clarity – for rich full-bodied sound. The combination of cutting-edge design and Hi-Res certified balanced armature driver technology results in balanced sound with crystal clear highs and explosive bass.


Crossover design
The Nuforce HEM4 incorporate a three-way phase-coherent crossover design that achieves linear phase performance. The result is a natural, three-dimensional soundstage, lightning-fast transients and crystalline transparency.


Knowles™ balanced armature drivers
Featuring the latest generation of balanced armature drivers, the Nuforce HEM 4 can reach frequencies as high as 40,000Hz – twice the frequency range of other balanced armature IEMs’. Each Nuforce HEM4 earphone model houses two  Knowles™ balanced armature drivers in each earbud – designed to produce pure, authentic sound from a compact body.

The Nuforce HEM4 in-ear headphones are able to reproduce musical performance in the way that a professional full range speaker does. The new range is comprised of a modular design that includes a set of drivers controlled by a patented cross over design. An exclusive NuForce designed linear phase network is able to maintain the right note, at the right time and in the correct frequency to be played at all times. This set up allocates specific frequencies to a designated driver ensuring a perfect integration of frequency and phase which result in clarity speed and details that are constant at any volume.

The HEM’s reference performance calls for the best connection and delivery from a source. A hybrid silver/copper-conductor has been tailored specifically for the HEM and is used in the additional high-end braded cable that is offered with every HEM set. In fact, almost as much care and attention has been lavished on the design of the cable as on the earphones themselves, further enhancing and tuning the tonal balance to perfection.


Pure sound, wherever you go
Two tangle-free cables are included so you can choose between a microphone and inline remote for convenience, and a high-end cable for the best possible performance. The high-end cable is made of OFC and silver, while the 2-pin cable connectors are a proprietary mix of silver and copper with separate ground return for each channel.


Constructed with acoustically calculated, vibration-free Lexan™ earpieces the Nuforce HEM4 allow for prolonged listening without fatigue at any volume level. The in-ear monitors are lightweight making them ideal for use at home, in a recording studio, on stage or on the go.


Superior comfort
For maximum comfort and performance Nuforce HEM4 comes with two types of ear tips in a range of sizes for a snug, slip-free fit. These include Comply™ soft memory foam ear tips which shape themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal, offering superior isolation from noise and creating incredible bass response.


Linear-phase crossover
To harness the best results from the use of up to eight in-ear speakers in the HEM range, a patent pending crossover mechanism has been adopted. An innovative phase linear mechanism in the form of a first order Butterworth crossover design was chosen to distribute frequencies and maintain the sound in the correct phase at all time. Not only is this unique set-up able to accurately and perfectly assign the frequency to the appropriate driver (bass frequency to the bass driver etc.) it also ensures that the diaphragm movement of each driver is coordinated between all eight inner drivers.

Careful attention to materials and technology used in this new HEM range has resulted in the most accurate delivery of sound to the listener’s ear. The combined result creates a sound stage that is wider and deeper, eliminating the illusion of sound centred between the ears and placing the music across and even in front of the listener.


Hi Res certificate
The Nuforce HEM 4 earphone has been able to meet the exact standards which are awarded to a very select group of models. The Hi-Res certification program is a recent effort that combines both the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® and the Japan Audio Society (JAS). The partnership was established in 2014 to help promote and support the marketplace growth of High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res Audio or HRA) devices and content. With the growth in popularity of high resolution audio, the NuForce range is able to meet and exceed the very demanding technical factors that are involved in the replay of DSD content. Combined with the Hi-Res certified uDAC5 the HEM series of in-ear headphones offer a complete high resolution audio solution for audio enthusiasts, budding home musicians, DJs and gamers.



Detachable cable: 2 x 1.38 m

3.5mm fenake-6.3mm male gold plated adaptor

Soft silicon ear tips pairs: 5 (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Brush/ Cleaning tool

Lapel holder: 2x pairs

Comply series 100 (M,L)

Waterproof display case

Hard cloth carrying case


Frequency response: 18Hz-40,000kHz

Sensitivity: 110dB+/-3dB

Cable length: 1.38m

Impedance: 38 Ohms

Maximum input power: 2mW

Maximum input sound level: 124dB

Connections input: 3.5mm Jack

Connections output: 2 pin connector for each ear piece

Driver type: High resolution knowels™ balanced armature

Number of driver(s): 4

Crossover type: Linear Phase

Inline remote: Track+,Track-, Play, Pause, Answer phone, Disconnect phone

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