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FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3
FiiO X3

FiiO X3


MICRO SD64gb Sandisk Ultra +25€. With the X3, FiiO has created a portable player with a technical quality and finishes never seen before and with an astonishing price. It has enough power to drive almost any headphone or IEM, solidity, easy handling, supports lossless HD audio 24/192 … FIIO X3 is a secure bet to get the best sound wherever you go.

Out of stock

Product Description

MICRO SD64gb Sandisk Ultra +25€. 

FiiO X3

Looking for the lost sound. With the development of the times, dramatic changes have taken place on the methods of recording sound, from the wire recording at the earliest time, to reel-to-reel tape recorder, LP record, and then to CD, DVD in digital era. For now, digital audio formats which represented by MP3 have become the main stream.
However, due to the convenience of obtaining and recording sound, after the procedures of recording, transforming, compressing and format-changing, the sound would be no longer the true and original one of the live scene.

Fortunately, after long periods of research and development, FiiO finally succeeded in making one high quality portable music player which can support five main lossless music formats and original master copy at 192KHz/24bits, aiming to help music lovers to find the ever lost sound.

Five main lossless music formats

Main lossless compressed music formats, like APE, FLAC, ALAX, WMA and WAV are broadly supported by X3 which so far is the most complete one in the professional portable music player industry. With X3, all the music lovers would be free from the trouble of incompatible formats and the annoyance of formats-transforming since even the ALAC format which is exclusive for Apple can also be easily decoded by X3.

HD music at mastercopy class 192KHz/24bits

As the rapid development of digital music, lossless formats gradually become favoured by the audiophiles. In order to achieve the perfect and clearest audio effect, music lovers spare no efforts in hunting for digital master copy source at 192K/24bits. As luck would have it, X3 can support master copy music at 192K/24bits which would bring you unprecedented HD music enjoyment.

Light-weighted portable with high sound quality

The dimensions of X3 are 55 x 109 x 16 mm which only weights 122g. Comparing with other products in its kind, its small size and light weight make enjoying music whenever and wherever possible.

10 hours playback time & Standard USB smart charging

The built-in lithium polymer battery with 3000mAh capacity guarantees 11 hours of super long playback time. No matter you are on a train trip through mountains, a fully-recharged battery can provide continuous music enjoyment.
What’s more, with standard USB smart charging technology, you do not trouble to find any particular adapter. At home, on the go or in the office, you can handily get it recharged by the PC USB port, USB adapter or mobile power charger. No need to bring along with a dull adapter for you lovely player when going out.

Independent professional DAC chip with high quality

Different from other consumer music players and smartphones, X3 does not use the DAC function embedded in its main controller chip, the Ingenic JZ4760B . Instead for the best sound effect, it adopts the professional DAC chip WM8740 which is designed by Wolfson Company located in England. Speaking of WM8740, it had been put into use for the top-level CD player REGA Saturn. Also, it had been adopted by the high fidelity portable AMP&DAC Sony PHA-1 and Iriver’s latest Hi-fi player  Astell & Kern AK100. Apart from the high performance index, its subjective sound quality is also widely approved by the industry and consumers.

High dynamic and current output amplifier

Similar to its DAC chip, rather than using the normal amplifier function in its main controller, it adopts the excellent rail-to-rail AD8397 as its separate audio amplifier chip which has pretty high current output power. When boosting headphone with 16Ω, the output can run up to 300mA. Moreover, its ouput sound quality goes closely to that of A-class amplifier with warm timbre and flexible bass effect.

Bass and treble adjustable

Many other players provide EQ function or treble and bass adjustment  based on DSP technology. However, DSP take advantage of software algorithms to achieve the EQ effect  which adjusta the frequency range of the sound, but also introuding noticeable phase distortion. Whereas with the X3, the bass and treble equalisations are done by the analogue circuit which makes the sound much more natural and won’t influence and distort the rest of the frequency range.

Multiple output ports for more entertainment

X3 is well furnished with multiple output ports which include headphone, lineout and coaxial digital output. Not only can be used as full-featured HD music player separately, but also can be used as analogue signal source to boost headphones like HD6000, Dt880 and AKG K701 after connecting to Mont Blanc E12 or amplifier in other brands. Moreover, it also can work as a full DAC 192 KHz/24bits and link it to the rest of your hi-fi audio setup through its coaxial output.

High Resolution Audio Music

In order to enjoy the Fiio X3 high resolution codec support, you can check out the following sites that offer high resolution music downloads for free:  

  1. Channel Classic
  2. 2L
  3. Groovers
  4. HighResAudio 
  5. HDtracks


  • Size: 55 x 109 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 122 g.
  • Screen: TFT 320×240
  • Analog audio output jack: 3.5mm headphone output jack 
  • Digital audio output jack: 3.5mm headphone output jack 
  • Phone out (PO): 3.5mm headphone output jack

Audio specifications

  • Headphone Impedance Range: 16~300Ω
  • Volume Control Type: 60 levels digital volume control mode
  • Bass Boost: -10 dB~+10 dB
  • Treble: -10 dB~+10 dB
  • Left/Right channel adjustment: 5 dB
  • Gain selection: 0/6 dB

Partial performance parameters for line output

  • THD+N: < 0.004%@1KHz
  • Frequency response: 10Hz~20KHz(+/-0.2)
  • Crosstalk: > 90 dB @10KΩ @1KHz
  • SNR: > 108 dB (A-Weight )
  • Dynamic Range: > 103dB
  • Line Output Level: > 1.7 Vrms

Part of the Performance Parameter of Phone out

  • Output power 1: > 540 mW@16Ω 
  • Output power 2:> 270 mW@32Ω 
  • Output power 3: > 30 mW@300Ω 
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz~20KHz(+/-0.2)
  • SNR: > 105 dB (AUX IN)
  • Output Impedance: <0.3Ω
  • Crosstalk: >75 dB@1KHz
  • THD+N: < 0.005%@1KHz
  • MÁX output voltage: > 8 Vp-p
  • MÁX output current: > 250 mA

Power and Battery

  • Power: USB 5V/500mA
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAH
  • Battery Life: >10 Hours
  • Charging time: 4 horas

Audio format supported

  • Lossless: APE (Fast):192KHz/24bits; APE (Normal):96KHz/24bits; APE (High):96KHz/24bits; FLAC192K/24bits; WAV: 192K/24bits; WMA 9.1:96KHz/24bits; Apple Lossless: 192KHz/24bits;
  • Lossy compression: MP2, MP3, AAC, ALAC, WMA. OGG

Frequency response diagrams:

Headphone output:

Test condition- 5db sinusoidal input signal. Red curve: Left channel , Blue curve: Right channel

Line output:

Test condition:- 5db sinusoidal input signal.  Red curve: Left channel , Blue curve: Right channel

Distorsion response diagrams:

headphone output

Test condition:- 5db sinusoidal input signal

Line output

Test condition:- 5db sinusoidal input signal

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