Steelseries Siberia X300


Steelseries Siberia X300. Gaming Headset Headphones. The officially licensed Siberia X300 High-Performance Gaming Headset is the ultimate choice for luxurious comfort and stunning natural audio on the Xbox One™ and other devices.

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The Steelseries Siberia X300 is the result of more than a decade of experience working with professional gamers to deliver the world’s best gaming gear. Combining our exclusive comfort with crystal clear sound gives you the ultimate gaming experience.


Never compromise on comfort
Experience a new level of comfort, never before available on the Xbox One. The Steelseries Siberia X300 is the most comfortable gaming headset in the world. 


Suspension design
PC gamers have raved about it for years and now we are bringing the suspension headband design over to the Xbox One. Its self-adjusting headband makes for a perfect fit, every time you gear up. It’s also super lightweight – after a long gaming session you’ll forget you’re still wearing it.


Easy on the ears
Noise-reducing, memory foam ear cushions meld to your head taking comfort to another high. No more feeling like your head’s in a vice grip – the Steelseries Siberia X300 has been designed to keep you in the game longer.


Be in the game
Steelseries Siberia X300 gaming headset brings an entirely new level of immersion to console gaming. Hear the game the way it’s meant to be heard with a natural soundscape and powerful bass. The memory foam self-seals for a better audio experience as it isolates outside noise.


Be heard
Steelseries Siberia X300’s microphone was built to ensure crystal-clear voice communication even when the action gets frantic.  It’s unidirectional, so it picks up less junk in the background and more of your voice. It’s also retractable so you can completely hide it away when you don’t need it.


Competition-Grade soundscape
It’s important to hear your game audio exactly how it was designed, with no shortcuts. The Steelseries Siberia X300 was built to deliver an unrivaled, accurate and detailed soundscape.


Fingertip audio controls
Quickly adjust volume, mute, and chat levels with the included snap-in adapter.


The Siberia X300 headphones isn’t just a Xbox One headset.  It also works on PC and Mac®.  You can even take Siberia on-the-go and listen to music and take calls on your mobile devices.


Rage-proof design
While other console headsets can be very delicate, Steelseries Siberia X300 gaming headphone is built to last. Its flexible design means it can take anything you throw its way.



Preferred 3:1 by Gamers in the SteelSeries Siberia Challenge

The most comfortable and lightweight self-adjusting headband

Noise reducing memory foam ear cushions

Natural sound and powerful bass thanks to next-generation SteelSeries speaker drivers

Includes Xbox One adapter to easily adjust chat levels and game volume on controller

Crystal-clear microphone is flexible and can be hidden away in the ear cup, Microphone mute switch on the back of the left ear cup

Flexible and durable reinforced design

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Weight 2 kg


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