T-Peos H300


T-Peos H-300. Hybrid in-ear IEMs headphones. This is a 3 way hybrid design which consists of dual balanced armatures for the mids and highs and a separate dynamic driver to handle the lows.

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T-Peos H300 hybrid triple driver in-ear monitor takes a different transformation to the earlier T-Peos H-200 earphone, the tonality being a fraction bright cool and very clean, there’s absolutely no veil whatsoever. This is good thing for most listeners as the clarity just melts on through with ease, T-Peos H-300 in-ear hynrid earphone really is very clean, highly transparent hybrid, if you’ve ever heard a DBA-02 and can imagine a dynamic driver supporting the low end you have close to what T-Peos H-300’s tonality sounds like.


The dynamic driver used on T-Peos H-300 is some of the best bass you can hear, on any hybrid or IEM even some passing the $600 mark. it leans more towards the neutral side of things but has wonderful speed, texture and clarity, you can effortlessly hear each bass note well defined and separated from the spotless mid. there’s very little if any mid bass bloat and no bleed, just tight, spotless clean low end detail.


T-Peos H-300’s mid range is airy, clean, transparent and a touch bright with very generous detail extraction levels sounding remarkably pure and coherent.


The soundstage and transparency is genuinely quite magical to listen to. What you have here in T-PeosH-300 is a rather cool sounding hybrid with high transparency levels a wonderful soundstage and far above detail levels it’s price suggests.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg


Carry Pouch

Foam Tips & Ear Tips

Extra Cable with 3 Pole Plug

6.5mm Audio Adaptor



Driver Units : Double Balanced Armature & Dynamic Driver

Impedance : 22 Ohm / 1 kHz

Sensitivity : 105 dB / 1 kHz

Power: 100 mW (Max.)

Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz



Connectors & Plugs: 2.5mm DC Jack Connector and 3.5mm / 24k Gold Plated L-Type Plug

Cable: Non-PVC Detachable Cable with Microphone & Non- PVC Detachable Cable with 3 Pole Plug

Weight: 16g


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