Takstar HD5500


Takstar HD5500. Closed-Back Circumaural Headphones. This headphones feature punchy bass, designed especially for dance music lovers and DJs.

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Takstar HD5500 headphones are closed-black design which effectively isolate against ambient noise. Its Ø50mm NdFeB driver features wide frequency response and dynamic range.


Its sound tunning enhances the bass sound, making it ideal for those who love dance music and also for DJs. With comfortable and sealed earpads for relieving pressure and minimizing bass sound leakage.


Takstar HD5500 headphone is foldable and has a detachable cable also features 180°swivel ear cup for one-ear monitoring.




Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


Cable 1pc

Black Cloth Bag 1pc

6.3mm Gold-plated Plug 1pc

User Manual 1pc



Driver: Dynamic

Driver Diameter: Ø50mm Impedance: 42Ω±30%

Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: 100±3dB at 1kHz

Max. Input Power: 2000mW Rated Power: 1000mW



Cable: Ø4mm x 2.2m Adaptor Plug: Stereo Ø3.5mm + Ø6.3mm, gold-plated

Net Weight: 310g


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