Takstar PRO 80


Takstar PRO 80. Closed-back circumaural headphones. Very precise headphone with good timbre and balance. Based on the solid foundation of Tasktar HI2050, has a closed design and significantly enhanced construction quality, achieving good insulation and increased bass level without excessively diminishing scene or detail.

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The Takstar PRO 80 is a closed-back circumaural headphone which comes with an outstanding presentation. But they are not just a pretty box, as they have an excellent construction and quality. If you do not look at the label you’d think you are listening a headset much more expensive. Without a shadow of a doubt, Takstar has created an incredible headphone that will make people talk.


In terms of sound quality, we find features from his brothers the Takstar HI2050, obviously modified by the closed-back design. The bass is very deep and powerful, mid-highs are somewhat delayed and treble again comes back intensely.
Despite standing out for the bass and treble, is not a headphone with a V profile, because the middle frequencies are not delayed at all. The level of detail is good, despite having a powerful bass, it does not shut away the rest of the frequencies.


Compared to other well known closed-back headphones such as Creative Aurvana Live or AKG K550, Takstar PRO 80 have better isolation than Creative and similar to AKG, the bass has more power and extension than both, at highest part of the middle frequncies they are a bit behind, but treble is much better than Creative and almost the same as AKG. In others, as in detail and soundstage, the AKG are slightly superior, not, on the other hand, the Creative, which are outweighed by the Takstar PRO80 in our opinion, as a whole.


In summary, a very well finished and presented headphone, comfortable and with an overall quality well above its price. The sound is precise and powerful, having the typical features of closed-back headphones: strong bass, not very wide scene and good detail.


Main features

  • Accurate and natural sound reproduction, particularly designed for audio mixing monitoring
  • High quality PET diaphragm features brilliant wide highs and rich sound
  • Closed-back design incorporating double noise rejection technology effectively reduce the ambient noise.
  • Soft leather headband and ear pads assures long time wearing.


Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg


Transducer Principle: Dynamic

Driver Diameter: Ø53mm

Impedance: 60Ω

Sensitivity: 101±3dB

Frequency Response: 15Hz-25kHz

Rated Power: 250mW

Max. Input Power: 500mW

Cable: Ø4mm x 1.2m spring cable (full stretch length approx. 4m)



Adaptor Plug: stereo Ø3.5mm + Ø6.3mm gold-plated plug

6.3mm gold-plated plug

Portable cloth bag

User manual


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