Takstar TS671


Tasktar TS671. Open-back circumaural headphones. This headphones stand out for its huge scene, accuracy and detail. The Takstar TS671 come complete Takstar’s family at Headphoniaks with fully open, natural and balanced headphones, that make them excellent for classical music, soundtrack, acoustics and any genre that thanks the vast soundstages.

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The Takstar TS671 open-back dynamic headphones is the last headphone you’d expect to find for 44 €. With its huge soundstage, very linear response and an excellent accuracy and naturalness, it comes close to the AKG K701 or Audiotechnica AD900 much more than its price suggests.


Based on Takstar 53mm driver which has given so much joy to the owners of the Takstar HI2050 and Takstar Pro 80 models, they have raised the impedance up to 120Ohm, which on one hand makes it “harder” to drive without amplification and on the other hand, it gives them more control and precision. Yet, it is not difficult to drive them with any amplifier. Its high sensitivity ensures that any amp, sound card, or even a simple iPod’s move would drive them easily.


Focusing on the sound, obviously we are not facing a headset that enhance the bass but it doesn’t fall short, especially if we have a good amplification. They have far more than the AKG K701 and even more than the Audio Technica AD900X, both in quantity and scope. Medium frequncies are more advanced than in the AKG K701 and without reaching the quality of its timbre (which very few headphones below 600€ actually get) sound extremely natural, with excellent reproduction of instruments and voices both male and female. Treble is very accurate and comes up quite high, which supports the general feeling of sharpness and clarity that Takstar TS671 closed-back headphone transmits.


As mentioned before, the scene is very wide and well structured, which together with the precision and detail that reach these headphones allows significant focusing and separation of instruments. They also have excellent dynamics giving their best with high quality recordings: acoustic concerts, soundtracks, classical music, blues, jazz, and in general all the natural styles that prevail naturalness get Takstar TS671 to shine.


Comfort and quality construction: These are a bulky headphones, yet very comfortable thanks to a setting system as old as well resolved, they adapt well to almost any head size. The construction is not as luxurious as Takstar Pro80, is almost all plastic. The pads are lined with a synthetic fabric durable and with metal headband. In any case, they are well finished, they are not heavy for their size and are solid, perfectly fulfilling their function and ensuring good durability.


In summary, the Takstar TS671 is a new and great taste for Takstar collection. Amplitude, great scene, naturalness, dynamics, good timbre and balanced sound for a headphones range at this price. There is no excuse for missing in the arsenal of any hobbyist.


Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg



Cable: Ø 4mm x 1.2m coiled cable (cable length tension: 4m approx)

Adapter: gold-silver plated stereo plug Ø3.5mm + Ø6.3mm.



Driver: Dynamic

Driver Diameter: Ø53mm

Impedance: 120Ω

Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Stipulated Power: 500mW


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