Vsonic GR07X. Balanced high fidelity quality audiophile in-ear monitors.
VSonic GR07X

VSonic GR07X

VSonic GR07X. 3.5mm/2.5mm Balanced High Fidelity Quality Audiophile In-ear Earphones. VSonic GR07X is balanced and elegant without any modification, which faithfully restores the recording. The voice of GR07X is clear and full of better dynamic and the Sound is full, bright and pleasant.

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The Vsonic GR07X high-end in-ear monitor retains the form factor and design of the VSonic GR07 versions before it. It features a new driver and allows for swapping the cable below the Y-split with a 2.5mm connector. Thus if the cable were to fail at the jack end, it should be possible to easily remedy that with any replacement.


360° adjustable catheter
The feeling of ear is considerate which ensures wearing comfortable.


Japan-import and 390-layer composite diaphragm
VSonic GR07X earphone diaphragm is the integration of bio-material as thin as onion skin, which is the powerful guarantee of high-quality sound.


Transmit through 160 shares of silver wire
It is four times real than the ordinary wire to deliver sound, each signal wire has a separate insulation layer so that it can reduce the interference between various signal lines to deliver a better sound. In addition, the outer has double-layer TPE material, which reduces the stethoscope effect. Meanwhile, it reduces the wires winding so that it is easy to sort out the wires.


Two kinds of wearing, making it more comfortable to wear, also show self-personality
VSonic GR07X can be wear around-ear or hanging-ear wearing


High-quality outer covering
The workmanship of VSonic GR07X  earphone is delicate, with a good shell texture. As for the outside words of the earphone “GR07 WALK AUDIO” and the indication of “R & L” channels can be clearly seen.


3.5mm L-type design
Gold-plated and two-channel plug plays a protective role and it makes a better difference in preventing oxidation, which it makes plugs transmit audio signals much better.



More linear and neutral frequency response (less bloomy lower mids, tighter bass, treble peaks well-neutralized, very well-extended).
Retains the crisp articulation of the GR07 Classics, and with improved micro-resolution.
Also greatly improves imaging, soundstage/ambience/low level clarity and overall clarity across the spectral range.

Additional information

Weight 0,16 kg

New, Refurbished

What's in the box

GR07X Earphone

Storage case

1 Pair of earhook

1 pair of Sponge eartips

3 pairs of Silicone eartips(S/M/L)

3 pairs of SpinFit CP100 silicone eartips (S/M/L)

2.5mmbalanced extension cable

3.5mm extension cable


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