VSonic VSD1 Special Edition


VSD1 Special Edition is a sound evolution from the popular VSD1S and improve the overall frequency response, precision and sound control. This is a limited edition, with a serial number printed on them, created to celebrate the recent success story of the VSD1/S in the Chinese market, where they have been the best-seller IEMs for months now.

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The evaluation we do of audio manufacturers is determined by their most ambitious creations. In these creations they develope their ideas more freely, show what they can do technically and stablish a sound which should represent the brand. When we talk about “Sennheiser sound” we think about HD650 model, not HD429 or HD202.

Another thing that manufacturers do is “stratifying”. They have a range of 20 products and the cheaper ones sound remarkably worse than those above. In fact, they seek to “make them worse” in order to avoid confusion.

Well, Vsonic does neither one thing nor the other.

Firs of all, all their IEMs have the same signature, a naturally balanced sound in which “Bass Ed” or “V-profile” are hints, small concessions to the market in order to evangelize the “Vsonicism”. From the cheapest model to most expensive one, all Vsonic sound like Vsonic.

Secondly, they always try to make the most within budget, squeezing it to get the best sound without thinking about what they will do next and operating under the core idea that with more budget they would certainly be able to do something even better.

The results of this company policy have been GR02, GR04, GR06 and now it comes the turn of VSD1 and VSD1S. They all match one thing: sound and overall quality are outstanding in the lower-middle range category, significantly expanding the boundaries of this category to almost equal the 100€ IEMs range.

Focusing on the sound itself, VSD1S Special Edition are a tremendously balanced and neutral headphone that follow in GR07’s footsteps. Unlike his brothers VSD1, these do not enhance any frequency over another, instead they integrate them harmoniously creating a headphone that unveil musicality through and through.

Bass have a good texture and quality, they are fast, energetic, and although not being outstanding in depth, have good power due to the boost given at the top part. The middle frequencies are not far behind and maintain excellent timbre and detail, but inevitably when the happen to meet in a record with bass and treble are somehow overwhelmed by the exuberance of these. Treble are crystal clear, reaching high up without being strident, with a great level of detail and accuracy. Many people consider VSD1 as GR07 baby brother and they are not far wrong there. Personally, I believe VSD1S Special Edition have even more similarities as they have a more balanced profile.

Soundstage is the usual in VSonic’s dynamic drivers models: huge. The sound flows and expands allowing greater focus and instrument separation, without saturating or piling up. As for detail, is the highest ever seen in headphones at this price range.

To summarize, Vsonic is making a big bet. I have no doubts that any other headphone around €40, and even some considerably more expensive, have very little to do against VSD1/VSD1S. A bid that sets the bar very high and it definitely marks a milestone in terms of price and quality. After VSD1/VSD1S, we will all want to get much more for our money.

Additional information

Weight 0,16 kg


Driver: 11mm High Dynamic Driver

Rated Impedance: 80 Ohm

Sensitivity: >105 dB

Frequency Response: 7-30000 Hz

Distortion: <2%

Channel Balance: < 1 dB up to 500Hz, and <1.5 dB from 12.5 KHz to 20KHz

Rated Power: 10 mW

Maxium Input power: 50 mW

Accessories included

Plug: 3.5mm dual channel plug

Cable: 1.30 TPU Cable, 4 X 20 core high purity silver plated wires +/- 3%

1 pair of silicon tips

1 pair of biflange tips

4 pairs of foam tips

1 pair of ear guides

1 felt pouch


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