New Vsonic VSD5S


New Vsonic VSD5S. In-ear IEM headphones. This new Vsonic’s is probably the best mid-range headphones you can buy today. With a very detailed sound and amazing construction.

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The VSonic VSD5S earphone is Vsonic’s new iconic model for midrange price, has accomplished what VSonic does the best, creating amazing earphones for an affordable price. With excellent sound and construction, and details far above other dynamic drivers headphones, VSonic has designed possibly, the best mid-range headphones you can buy nowadays.


Vsonic is a brand which has always been known for their excellent quality without compromising price: all Vsonic headphones sound overall pretty good, with a sound-signature, with slightly variations depending on the models, but always loyal to their sound: balanced with natural timbre.
On the other hand, Vsonic stirs up every segment they enter. If the VSonic GR07 changed the perception on how high-end in-ear could sound, the VSonic VSD1S discovered that with only 40€ you could enjoy amazing sound. The New VSonic VSD5S has arrived to do the same with earphones in mid-range prices. It has already created a buzz amongs the community.


VSonic VSD5’s sound is very precised and controlled in all frequencies, which is quite unusual in dynamic driver’s headphones, in fact, VSonic has suggested that its sound signature is pretty similar to the Sony EX1000 earphone, a flagship model made by the Japanese brand that stands precisely for detail and uncommon precision. Very low bass with great impact but without comprimising mid-frequencies, voices slighly ahead and a very detailed treble that stays at the right point in order to obtain a bright earphone yet without causing fatigue. The layering is also good, especially not having a balanced armature multidriver, with a very good scene, large but not excessive. Summarizing, the VSonic VSD5S is a balanced headphone, very detailed, with good bass and treble control and, in general, pretty clean.


It has the same construction and shape of the VSonic VSD3, although it comes with a non-detachable cable, which makes it quite comfortable. They are not particularly small but has rounded shapes, Westone-style, which makes them really comfortable.


In short, another awesome Vsonic headphones that deliver what they promise: great sound, good construction quality at a price that comparatively ashame most of its competitors..


4 pairs of silicon tips
1 x pouch


Driver Unit: CCAW Dynamic Drivers
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: > 108 db/mW
Frequency response: 5 Hz- 31.5 KHz
Rated Power: 10mW
Maximum Input Power: 30 mW
Connector: 3.5mm dual channel plug
Cable: 1.30m TPU Cable, OFC wires


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