Xuelin iHIFI 770
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Xuelin iHIFI 770


Xuelin IHIFI 770. Portable HiFi Lossless Music Player. Master tape level WAV format, supports FLAC, APE, ALAC, MP3, etc. The original software algorithm of IHIFI770 directly supports original 192K, realizing truly high-definition format play.

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Xuelin IHIFI770 is an MP3 music player which integrates high-end manufacturing process and high tone quality. The casing adopts high-cost aluminium alloy and molded by cnc numaerial control machining. The panel adopts high-cost tempered glass, keeping the panel new for many years without pasting. Combining with the aluminium alloy shell, it has an unparalled ice-cold and tough texture.


Master tape level WAV format, supports FLAC, APE, ALAC, MP3, etc. The original software algorithm of Xuelin IHIFI770 directly supports original 192K, realizing truly high-definition format play.


Xuelin iHIFI 770 audio player primarily attempts to internally install dual-mode output of hardware tuning, with earphone jack with dual output of classic or voice. The medium frequencies of voices are very soft and graceful, while the classic output is elegant and intense, even performs better with piano and other instruments. It is suitable for different kinds of earphone.


WM8740 decoding chip
CODEE of the Xuelin IHIFI770 is the WM8740 decoding chip, which belongs to Wolfson’s second-rate flagship decoding chip. It is a high-performance Hi—Fi level decoding chip commonly used in desktop sound and blue-ray players. WolfsonWM8740 decoding chip possesses top-level and highest Signal to Noise Ratio and extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion, it can restore the most full and most mellow tone.


In order to obtain better tone quality, Xuelin tested almost 20 different operational amplifier and finally selected AD8656 as the LPE of the whole player. AD8656 is a precision amplifier, with a bandwidth of 28Mhz and supports input and output capacity of full power supply swing. This amplifier is featured with low noise, low distortion and high current output capacity which can reduce the system noise, guarantee the fidelity of the radio and further improve the performance of the audio device.


Zero background noise
Although Xuelin IHIFI770 mp3 player is oriented to the middle-end market, IHIFI engineers designed it with highest standard and rigorous attitude without any carelessness, especially in multiple macromolecule capacitor filtering, repeatedly debugging the grounding system and arrangement of the components and parts, electromagnetic shielding, ets. It completely restrains the noise when turning on and off, music selection, etc. Thus the background noise is lower than other player with higher prices, it has zero background noise black background.


Tempered glass pane.
Due to its complex process and high cost, the tempered glass it is only applied to partial high-end mobile phone and pads. IHIFI intially adopts this kind of new material and takes this enthusiast experience into a new level.

Gorgeous touch button, automatically open self-breathing background light, amazing and luxurious. Ultrathin body 0.5mm thinner than iphone4 with high tone quality and beautiful appearance.
Xuelin  IHIFI770 supports continuous play of file with high bit rate for more than 13 hours.

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg


USB cable

Leather case


Headphone output power :max patent level earphone amplifier

Decoding: WM8740(Single)

LPF: AD8656

Headphone 3.5mm earphone output interface A soft mode

Headphone 3.5mm earphone output interface B elegant and beautiful mode

USB date interface/charge jack

TF card expansion interface

Reset interface

Touch key contronl

Earphone output power :120mw+120mw/320ohm

Player output: 3.6v

Signal to noise ratio :Greater than or equal to 105 dB (A weighting)

Channel unbalance≤ 0.5dB (1KHz)

Channel separation: More than 93dB (1KHz)

Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (+0/-2.5dB)

Total harmonic distortion plus noise≤ 0.004% (1KHz)

Life time: Continuosly playing files with high bit rate for about 13 hours (screen turn off)

Support audio format: WAV(8-192k) APE(8-48k) FLAC(8-48k) AAC OGG MP3(8-320k) WMA (8-48k)

Storage capacity: built-in 8GB , expandable to 128GB

Battery type:built-in rechargable Li-ion battery

Size and shape: 117x64x8.8mm

Net Weight:103g


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