Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire


AEON 2 Noire is the latest edition of the award-winning ÆON 2 closed-back headphones. Featuring a bold metallic black paint job, ÆON 2 Noire incorporates a perforated ear cushion to deliver a whole new sound.

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The tuning of the closed Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire headphones conforms almost exactly to the “Harman Curve”, gently boosting bass and treble compared to the closed ÆON 2. The result is a “lighter” sounding midrange and a soundstage that moves slightly away from the listener for a wider, deeper space.

Since launching the ÆON 2 at Dan Clark they have had two frequent requests: to make a black version and to offer it with perforated earpads. Experience the dynamics, detail and smooth sound of the Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire, with a striking black finish and a vibrant new sound with an expanded soundstage and a lighter mid-range tone relative to its ÆON 2 Closed sibling.

Most lightweight headphones are made primarily of plastic, but Dan Clark wanted to find a stronger, more durable alternative, so they constructed the headband and baffle of the Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire entirely from carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium. Weighing in at 328 grams, the ÆON 2 is one of the most comfortable headphones on the market, but built to stand the test of time.

All Dan Clark Audio planar magnetic headphones are powered by a 100% proprietary driver. No standard parts stuffed into a new housing – their drivers are designed in-house.

Features include: A super-efficient transducer that keeps weight down due to the size of the magnet. Patented Trueflow technology improves airflow through the motor, producing a significant improvement in detail recovery (AEON 2 Noire features the advanced second-generation Trueflow design).

In addition, patented V-Planar driver processing textures the driver surface for superior low-frequency performance and improved diaphragm stability.

The unique, patented folding stand design of the Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire closed-back headphones allows you to store them in a truly compact case that can fit almost anywhere, even in a large bag. For travellers who crave the full-size headphone experience but have limited space, ÆON 2 sets a new standard for portable excellence.

What's in the box?

Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire headphones
Carrying case
¼” cable with 3.5 mm jack termination
Certificate of authenticity
Tuning kit


Driver: 62mm x 34mm single magnetic planar planar
Driver matching: +/-2dB to target curve, channel matched to 0.5dB weighted 30-8KHz
THD: less than 0.3% 20-20KHz, 0.1% 100-8KHz
Headband: Nickel-Titanium (Nitinol) with metal memory
Baffle: Carbon fibre
Ear cushions: Japanese synthetic protein leather


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