MrSpeakers Cable DUM 4-Pin XLR


MrSpeakers fits DUM Balanced 4-pin XLR is a premium, high quality, rugged cable compatible with MrSpeakers Alpha, AEON and ETHER’s acclaimed headphones for both open and closed versions.

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The acronym DUM for the cable manufactured by MrSpeakers refers to the words: “Distinctly-Un-Magical cables”, i.e. cables without tricks or deception, but of very good quality and with first class finishes. The MrSpeakers DUM 4-pin XLR cable is a 0.51mm OFHC cable. (per driver) designed in collaboration with the brand’s engineers to get the most out of your MrSpeakers Ether or AEON HiFi magnetic planar headset.

For our ears, what makes DUM cables different from other cables is that they achieve a more complete, clean and detailed sound, generally deeper and a very organic superior register. In addition, since November 2015, they have improved the flexibility of the cable so that it now has a nice, relaxed drape and microphones are greatly reduced. If you’re not sure or don’t think one cable can really make a difference, try the DUM cables in an audio meeting and compare them with others, you’ll notice the difference right away.


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