According to the Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November , by which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Headphoniaks / Archibald Online, responds to the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within within 2 years from the date of delivery.


This means that in those two years we take care of the cost of collecting the product, repairing or replacing for a new one as appropriate, and send it back to you as soon as possible. Your cost will be 0€ and within days you will have your product back.


As a general rule, to process your warranty you must contact us first, or if easier, faster or more convenient for geographical reasons, or otherwise, eg . if you’ve gone to live outside Spain, you may choose to go directly to the manufacturer.


In order to process the warranty of any of our products, you just need to contact us including your name, date of purchase, invoice number and a brief description of the problem, through this mail:



Within 24 hours (weekdays) we will contact you give you the steps on how to proceed.




The legal warranty on all our products is 2 years.


DURING THE FIRST SIX MONTHS from the time of delivery the seller must prove that there is non-compliance, as it is presumed that the stated flaw already existed when the product was delivered.


If the flaw happens AFTER THE FIRST 6 MONTHS and the manufacturer, upon reception of the product believes that the defect is not original, it is up to the buyer to prove otherwise by hiring an independent expert’s report.

Every manufacturer that has more than 2 years warranty which marks the current law, once surpassed that date this must be processed directly with the manufacturer, is not liable for Headphoniaks such assumptions.


During the time that the buyer is deprived of the product, the warranty period will remain suspended, for example, if the repair of a product takes 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days later than originally planned.


If a product is repaired under warranty period, the warranty will be extended for 6 months in relation to the fix performed, so that, if at that time, when the legal warranty has expired, the product fails again for the same reason that was repaired, it will be covered for this warranty.


The items to be returned must be properly packaged and protected for its return. There is no requirement to keep the original packaging, but all original accessories and instructions.


The instructions for the proper use and installation of the product and the warranty documentation included by the manufacturers are a must read by the buyer.




In the event that the product within warranty period does not meet the optimal conditions for use, the consumer is entitled to one of the following options:

Free product repair. In this case, the seller must pay labor costs, shipping cost and spares.


The replacement of the purchased object with same features. This option is not possible when it comes to goods that can not be replaced by other identical (have been discontinued) and for second-hand products.


A discount on the price. When it has not been possible to repair the product completely or when it has been fixed but the problem still exists.


End the contract, returning the product and requesting a refund, unless is a minor defect.


In cases of repair or replacement, the seller must deliver to the consumer a receipt stating the date of delivery and the defect that the product has. Equally, products repaired or replaced, the consumer will receive a document showing the date of delivery or repair.




What does the law say?


Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.



What does the Civil Code say?

http://www.boe.es/buscar/act.php?id=BOE-A-1889-4763&tn=1&p=20121114 # art1484


What does the OCU say?


To claim and enforce the guarantee, the consumer can address both the seller and the manufacturer of the product:


– The law establishes a general period of 2 years warranty from the purchase.
– If the flaw comes to light during the first six months from the time of delivery, is presumed to be a manufacturing defect, the consumer does not have to prove anything to get the guarantee applied.
– If the problem happens after the first six months, the manufacturer or the seller may require the consumer to prove that the flaw was from origin. Applying the guarantee may be difficult, because you will need expert reports.





The warranty will be voided by:


– Incorrect use, handling or maintenance by the customer.
– Components burned over excessive electrical voltage or current.
– Components broken or damaged by impact, twisting, crushing, etc..
– Improper repair or modification of a product by the customer.




Excluded from any warranty all defects and damage caused by external events: hits, electrical accidents, for wearing out and use not in accordance with product instructions. Eg. a player that hits the ground, headphone drivers burned by the use an amplifier not suitable for them or amplifier spoiled by a power surge or lightning.


It also excludes products whose damage has been caused or aggravated by modifications and repairs performed by the customer or any other person not authorized by Headphoniaks. eg: mods, electronic modifications, etc..


In case that the product contains information, such as songs from a music player, Headphoniaks will be not responsible for any loss or safeguarding of such information in the event of product failure. The customer is responsible for the data in the product to be repaired and should perform the relevant backups.


Also, the warranty will take effect regarding hidden defects and product manufacturing defects under Article 1490 of the Civil Code.


In the above cases, if the customer wants to repair the unit, labor will be charged at 20 Euros + VAT per hour.


For any question or request for information, you can contact us by email at:






At Headphoniaks we believe in the dialogue with our customers, so in normal conditions our policy will be that of not asking for experts reports.


However, we reserve the right to assess the damage, and, in case of dubious origin, that an independent expert, whose primarily cost must be assumed by the customer, determines its origin.


This is a possibility, not a usual procedure to avoid responsibility. If the factory defect is clear, the expert report would be totally unnecessary: one of the two earphones stops working without any physical damage, amplifier that is making bizarre noises… are typical examples of factory defect that does not requires further verification.


Equally, if the expert resolves that the flaw is due to a manufacturing defect, we will take care of the repair and the cost of the expert as required by law. Otherwise, the customer will be responsible for the repair (if desired), the delivery and expert report.


Why we reserve this right?


Today, at Headphoniaks we are authorized distributors of 100% of the products we sell. This means that our deal is directly with the manufacturer thereof, without intermediate dealers. We are responsible for the claim process and we can assure you that we will handle the situation.


If in the future we work with other distributors, we will be dependent of their return policies and we know theirs are not always like ours, so if we give a go to a guarantee which they might consider not applicable, they are the ones that require us to probe it.

Is the law the same for all stores?


Yes. Online, retail, big or small, the law is the same for all. The two-year legal guarantee is in practice 6+18 months. So it is important to understand the warranty policy and evaluate the transparency and attitude of each store.


We do know that the warranty has a big influences in the confidence in our store, so we want to clarify that despite all the legal conditions we have to expose, our job is to solve issues, use common sense and make things simple to avoid reaching a dispute whenever possible. Remember that we live from happy and satisfied customer, not the disgruntled.