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We know that warranty is very important to you, so we try to make everything quick and easy. If something goes wrong, don’t worry and remember that we live off satisfied customers, not angry customers.

You can contact us in our guarantee form or in the email garantia@headphoniaks.com

The general warranty is valid for 2 years.

The first 6 months it is understood that almost any failure not caused by the customer is due to a factory defect. During the next 18 months the technical service evaluates whether it is a factory defect or caused by misuse or poor maintenance.

If it is not an accident or improper use, we do not put problems to enter into warranty.

For reconditioned products the warranty is 1 year from the day you buy it on our website.

The warranty covers factory defects, is not a comprehensive insurance. It does not cover breakages, electrical accidents, hungry dogs, carelessness in swimming pools or washing machines, fires, etc.

If the product comes under warranty, the entire process of collection, repair at the technical service and return shipping is free.

If it does not come under warranty, we will give you a quote and charge you the same as it costs us. We do not do business with repairs.

If a product starts to give problems or has any flaws, contact us as soon as possible. Continuing to use it will only worsen the breakdown.

In accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Headphoniaks / Archibald Online SL, responds to any lack of conformity that manifests itself within a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

This means that in those two years we take charge of the cost of collecting the product, repairing it or replacing it with a new one as appropriate, and return it to you as soon as possible. The cost to you will be 0€ you will have your product back in the shortest possible time.

As a general rule, in order to apply for the guarantee, you must contact us, and you can choose to go directly to the manufacturer if it is simpler, faster or more convenient for geographical or other reasons, e.g. if you have moved outside Spain.

In order to process the guarantee of any of our products you only have to contact us including your name, date of purchase, invoice number and a brief description of the problem through this email.


Within 48 hours (working days) we will contact you and tell you how to proceed.

Current regulations

The legal warranty on all our products is 2 years.

During the first 6 months from the delivery of the good, it is the seller who must prove that there is no lack of conformity, since it is presumed that such lack existed when the good was delivered.

If the fault arises after the first 6 months and the manufacturer, once received the product considers that the defect is not of origin, it is up to the buyer to prove otherwise by hiring an independent expert report.

Any manufacturer who has a warranty longer than 2 years under the law in force, once exceeded that date this should be processed directly with the manufacturer, Headphoniaks not being responsible for such cases.

During the time that the buyer is deprived of the product, the calculation of the warranty period is suspended; for example, if the repair of a product takes 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days after the originally planned.

If a product is repaired under warranty, has an additional warranty of 6 months in relation to the repair made, so that if within that period, still finished the legal warranty, fails again for the same reason for which it was repaired, will be covered by it.

The item to be returned must be properly packaged and protected for return. It is not obligatory to keep the original packaging, but all accessories and instructions of origin.

The instructions for the correct use and installation of the product, as well as the documentation of guarantee included by the manufacturers are of obligatory reading by the buyer.

Consumer rights

In the event that the object under warranty does not meet the optimal conditions for use, the consumer is entitled to one of the following options:

The free repair of the product. In this case, the seller must pay the costs of labor, travel, parts and transportation.

The replacement of the object purchased by another of identical characteristics. This option is not possible in the case of goods that cannot be replaced by other identical (have been discontinued) and for second hand.

Price reduction. When the complete repair of the product has not been possible or when it has been carried out but the problem still exists.

Ending the contract by returning the product and requesting a refund, unless the defect is minor.

In cases of repair or replacement of the product, the seller must provide the consumer with proof of the date of delivery and the defect in the product. Similarly, repaired or replaced, the consumer will be given a document showing the date of delivery or repair.

Additional information on the regulations

Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November approving the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

What does the Civil Code say?


Reversal of Warranties

The warranty will not cover or be voided by:

Incorrect use, handling or maintenance by the customer. For example, headphones with faults due to cable tugging, and cable snagging, either on the headphone or jack connector, or that have been wet during use, sports, etc..
Components burned by excessive voltages or electrical currents.
Components broken or damaged by impact, torsion, crushing, etc.
Incorrect repair or modification of a product by the customer. For example: amplifiers manipulated or modified with non-original components: change of OPAMP, etc. or the installation of non-original firmwares in the reproducers.
Refurbished products in Headphoniaks.

We have created the section for Reconditioned products so that we can offer discounted prices on products that have either been returned, or have been on display, or have been repaired in the original factory or have simply been used by our technical team for analysis and reviews. Therefore, these products cannot be sold as new. Before publishing one of these products for sale, we take care to check both the exterior condition and operation.

Condition of Refurbished products.

We consider reconditioned products to be “not in perfect condition” but perfectly functional. It is possible that the box has a blow, that we have had it of exhibition and test or that the product has some small scratch or it lacks some accessory. These are not bad products. In any case, they are tested, they work perfectly and their status is indicated on each one’s card.

What guarantee do these Refurbished products have?

The guarantee we offer on these products is 1 year from the day of purchase on our website www.headphoniaks.com

The warranty does not cover

Defects and deteriorations caused by external events are excluded from any guarantee:
Electrical accidents (burnt components).
For wear and / or use not in accordance with product instructions.
Twisting, pulling or pinching that damages the cable or connectors.
IMPORTANT: the problems related to the cables and connectors of the headphones, once passed SIX (6) months from its sale and whenever a bad solder, assembly or any other defect related to the manufacture is not observed, will be considered caused by wear, pulling or accidents derived from the use and will not be covered by the guarantee.

Also excluded are products whose breakdown has been caused or aggravated by modifications and repairs made by the customer or any other person not authorized by Headphoniaks.

In the event that the product contains information, e.g. songs from a music player, Headphoniaks is not responsible for the loss or safeguarding of such information in the event of a device breakdown. The customer is responsible for the data in the material to be repaired and for making appropriate backup copies.

Product malfunctions must be reported to Headphoniaks as soon as they occur or show obvious signs of occurring, avoiding continued use that may aggravate the cost of the malfunction.

The warranty shall also cover hidden defects and manufacturing defects of the product in accordance with article 1490 of the Civil Code.

In the above cases, if the customer wants to repair the device and this repair involves costs, he will be charged the price of the necessary parts in addition to labor, which will be billed at € 20 + VAT per hour. If a customer makes use of the warranty and it does not proceed, either because the breakdown is not subject to warranty (warranty cancellation) or because there is no problem with the device, because after checking it works properly, the customer must pay the collection and shipping costs (in national shipments will be € 15 in total) to be paid prior to the return of the product.

For any question or request for information, you can contact us by email at: garantia@headphoniaks.com

Headphoniaks Policy

In Headphoniaks we believe in dialogue with our customers, so under normal conditions our policy will be not to request expert reports and do things as easily and quickly as possible. On the internet and forums is full of favorable opinions on our warranty policy.

However, we reserve the right to evaluate the fault and, if it is of doubtful origin, to have an independent expert whose cost must first be borne by the customer determine its origin.

This is a possibility, not a normal procedure to avoid responsibilities. If the factory defect is evident, the expertise is totally unnecessary and no further verification is required.

Likewise, if the expert resolves that the breakdown is due to a manufacturing defect, we take care of the repair and the cost of the expertise as indicated by law. Otherwise, the customer will be responsible for the repair (if desired), postage and expertise.

Why do we reserve this right?

Because there are always people who want the warranty period to be 2 years fully comprehensive insurance. What has a train passed over my headphones? No problem, they are under warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that are manifested in conditions of use suitable for the product, so the period of 6 + 18 months indicated by law. No one can guarantee that a headphone connector will not break in less than two years if pulled with use, or that capacitors will not burn with an overvoltage.

Is this the law for all stores?

Yes, online, physical, big or small, the law is the same for everyone. The two-year legal warranty is 6+18 months in practice. That’s why it’s important to know the warranty policy and evaluate the transparency and attitude of each store.

We know that the guarantee greatly influences the confidence in the store, so we want to make it clear that despite all the legal conditions we must expose you, our job is to solve problems, use common sense and make things easy for you to avoid a dispute whenever possible. Remember that fortunately we live off satisfied customers, not dissatisfied ones.

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